All recipes are Primal and most are Paleo, if not Paleo-compatible by omitting something.

90% of the time, I am a casual cook. I often have no idea what I’m making for dinner until 5:13pm when I peek my head in the fridge to see what hasn’t rotted yet. I try to use what I have on hand rather than running to the store for a dozen exotic ingredients for some recipe I’ll never try again. The other 10% is spent dreaming and scheming about elaborate dishes for which I have to run to the store to buy a dozen exotic ingredients. I hope to share both with you here.

Many of my recipes are quick and easy. Many are great for entertaining, especially if you have non-Paleo folks at the table and you can just throw whatever you’re serving on top of some pasta or alongside some crusty bread for the heathens. Or maybe they’ll never notice.

My philosophy is firm but not strict. It helps me to be as Primal as possible at home so that when I’m somewhere else and I have less control over what’s on my plate, I don’t have to worry. That being said, I look at all the condiments in my refrigerator and sigh because it’s not always possible to whip up a batch of fresh mayo when you need it or make your own Worcestershire sauce from scratch. So if an ingredient in a recipe is offensive to you, feel free to use a suitable replacement or omit it entirely if you don’t think the flavor will be impacted too much.

I cook for 2 1/2 people at home, so I try to ballpark most recipes for 4 people. I do the best I can to estimate proper amounts, proportions, and cooking times. If something isn’t working for you, be sure and let me know.

As for the food photos. There are a lot of food blogs out there who have amazing food photos, but I’m a writer, not a photographer. There are a few simple improvements I can make, and that’s in the works, but until then, you have to suffer with me. I kind of like the retro-realistic look, anyway.

Let’s enjoy this Primal/Paleo journey together, shall we?


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