APB: New Feral Dispatches for Your Eyes and Ears

A few announcements.

MegaphoneFirst, I’m excited to unveil my new Tumblr account, We’re Living in a Sci-Fi Novel. This endeavor allows me to quickly and easily show everyone the signs I see everyday that the future is now. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s depressing—that’s the world we live in! You can also submit your own evidence if, like me, you think the proof is all around us. It was a funny idea that had been bouncing around in my head, and I decided it was time to bring it to life when I was in the mall and saw a pre-school in there that had an indoor play area with only hard, fixed plastic objects to play with, glass-walled classrooms, and an “outdoor” play area adjacent to the parking lot surrounded by a 9-foot-high iron fence and with no living plant material anywhere nearby. May as well be raising children on the Moon…

Secondly, there’s a new podcast wherein you get to hear my out-loud thoughts in my own voice! Lucky you! Big thanks to Justin Manning for being the captain of a tightly-run show. Go here for the yak session. You can get in touch with Justin on Twitter @cavemanning.

I have a few things lined up for the near-future, including another product review and some guest-blog appearances that I’ll make sure and link to. I realize things have been a bit quiet around here, and the pace is likely to be slow going forward, but I’m still here. If you’re tired of checking back for new material, be sure and sign up for email delivery of the Periodical with that button on the right-hand side of the page.



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