Hello 2013! And Thoughts on My Whole30

So we made it. 2013, we’re here. Now what?

See? This guy knows campuses are fun.

See? This guy knows campuses are fun.

After I wrote my missive yesterday, the catharsis didn’t quite set in, so I went outside for some movement. I live a few blocks above our local college here, and since campus was quiet, I decided to do some Parkour + MovNat-style stuff and just explore. And I discovered a total playground! Concrete walls, railings galore, fences, curbs, trees, large boulders, art installations…obviously something that has to be done when students, teachers, and groundskeepers aren’t around.

The ground was frost-crunchy under my feet and a bit slick, necessitating body awareness and attention. Having never been on campus like this before, my mind was open and seeking new opportunities at every turn. I’d find one obstacle and look up for the next, aim for it, and go.

Just as I was warming up and feeling good, I made a left around a building’s corner and came smack up against a large concrete wall about 8 feet high. I paused, knowing that some Parkour experts could scale that thing, but I could not. But I wasn’t about to turn around, so I had to figure this out. There was a shorter retaining wall, about 6 feet high, that intersected it. The top of this wall was actually at ground level, so I knew if I could hoist myself over this and through the thorny landscaping, I could get over. I took a few steps back and ran at the wall. Got my hands on top and heaved my weight enough that I placed my forearms flat on top. From here, I could swing my leg up and then, I was through. (A little like what this lass is doing, but probably less graceful.)


Then I sprinted around the deck of some other building until I saw a railing and looked down. There was a steep, sandy slope that fell away to a wood retaining wall and a parking lot below. I wasn’t quite confident enough to jump down from where I was, so I ran to a different exit point, hopped another less-scary railing, and went around to come back up that slope. As I scaled the dirt, I found footholds there—someone else had been here before. They knew. I smiled as I jumped the railing at the top.

This stuff always seems so mysterious at first. I see videos of Parkour practitioners (called a traceur, or traceuse if you’re a girl) and of course it looks graceful, incredible, and damn-near impossible. But as I learned with MovNat, you just have to put yourself out there. The biggest obstacle is your mind. You have to face the uncertainty, the unfamiliarity. Practice, indeed, does make perfect. Well, if not perfect, it at least puts the formerly inaccessible within your grasp.

So. What’re you waiting for?


Butter2I promised some info on my Whole30+butter.

I invited a bit of teasing by asking on Twitter what I should call my Whole30+butter. I really don’t mean to water-down the importance of Dallas and Melissa‘s original program by bastardizing it with my own hang-ups. But let’s be honest—it’s the best shorthand way to describe what I’m doing. So why the butter?

There are a bunch of things I could say, but they would sound like the lame excuses of a butter addict. I would sound just like all those people who tell us, “Oh, I could never give up bread!” But it really boils down to a few things:

  1. I’ve done the Whole30 before with no dairy. It was great! Except that the morning coffee thing was a constant, unpleasant struggle (I really, really envy you folks who can do black coffee) and coconut oil with eggs is kinda gross. In the last year, butter has emerged as my favorite cooking fat and flavor-enhancer. I often sauté veggies in butter and adorn them with nothing else but S&P. I can get by with a Bulletproof Coffee concoction in the morning (double shot of espresso, hunk of unsalted butter, spoonful of coconut oil, dash of cinnamon blended up until frothy). It just makes getting through the 30 days that much easier and less painful. And I want to ENJOY this time, not hate it.
  2. Many people don’t really consider grass-fed butter as dairy, per se. Many folks who can’t tolerate dairy tolerate butter just fine. I don’t have many apparent issues with dairy (I realize there may be some less apparent ones) apart from a touch of phlegm in my nasopharynx, and butter doesn’t make that happen. I’m trying not to let the ideal be the enemy of the good here.
  3. I am a fortunate soul not to have any food issues. I am very good at examining my own motives and behaviors, which is exactly why I’m doing this Whole30+butter in the first place. My sugar and alcohol intake, particularly in this recent Thanksgiving to Christmas period, had been given a green light, and it was time to detox, refresh myself, and get back to basics.
  4. I only use organic, grass-fed butter. I like Organic Valley’s pasture butter, but I hear good things about Kerrygold too.
  5. There was no doubt in my mind I was going to return to butter when the Whole30 was done, so why wait?

This is not a criticism of the fact that butter isn’t allowed on the Whole30. In fact, there are some compelling reasons why not to eat unclarified butter at all, and here they are. If you’re on your first Whole30, I recommend doing the whole program. When I did mine last October, I couldn’t even conceive of eggs without cheese on them, and now, I love nothing more than eggs fried simply in butter with S&P. That’s progress, right? It’s an embracing of my own personal journey and understanding deeply where I’m coming from. Maybe someday butter won’t feel so necessary, but if it’s the last thing I hold onto in this world, I think I’m okay with that.

kettlebells2I actually feel bad to even call it a Whole30 at all, which is why I wanted to find a new name, but there’s no doubt that within the Paleo community, calling it a Whole30 is the easiest way to talk about it. And so I persist in my blasphemy. I only hope someday that Dallas and Melissa will forgive me.

I’m on day 7 and feeling so much better. My body immediately began to thank me for unplugging from the constant stream of wine and gluten-/grain-free baked goods. I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost a few pounds, and I’m feeling leaner and meaner already.

Which is good, because I’m beginning a new exercise regimen soon with a taskmaster of a coach. Stay tuned for more on that. January’s about to get interesting…


9 Responses to “Hello 2013! And Thoughts on My Whole30”

  1. I hear ya … I kind of have the same thoughts about butter. I love grass-fed butter and do just fine with it. I’m a Kerrygold devotee, but want to try Organic Valley’s pasture butter sometime too.

  2. Hi, my name is Aaron, and I’m addicted to Kerrygold butter.

    PS Did you see the shirt I got as a gift? It’s relevant to this topic.

  3. Haha. Actually, a wormhole will open up taking us right to the butter eating championships of the Universe.

    I do love your sense of humor Karen. Forget whether a calorie is a calorie or not … fun is fun and we need to bring more of it back to the paleosphere!

  4. Too funny, I just declared my Whole30 a W30+butter! Now I feel validated! Thanks! Now if only I could figure out my morning coffee too!

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