Happy Holidays, and Phew! They’re Almost Over

Footpath in snowy ForestHappy Holidays! I realize that statement has become a loaded greeting depending on who’s receiving it, but as it’s intended, it’s coming from an atheist with Scandinavian ancestry who appreciates celebrating the shifting of seasons, good food, good friends, and family this time of year.

As much as the rampant consumerism and waste bothers me, this time of year does feel special. I’m sure it’s merely a psychological hangover from my childhood, when school was out, family gathered around, and it was the one time of year when no one talked about how little money there was because everyone had presents under the tree. This year, my daughter is three years old and recognizing the holiday for the first time, which gives me more warm fuzzy feelings about it. Her favorite activity is to listen to Christmas music and sit in the glow of the lights beneath the tree. She knows all the words to “Jingle Bells” and I love hearing it in her sweet little voice.

This year, before Thanksgiving back in November, I was starting to suspect I was in need of some dietary tightening. I’ve been craving more sugar than usual, and the state of my bum is reflecting it. It’s interesting, I’ve certainly gained a few pounds, but it distributes precisely where it should for a woman—on my ass. In the past, it would have deposited in all sorts of funny places and the gains would have been more obvious to everyone. As it is, no one knows I’m carrying a few extra pounds butt but me.

That tells me something. It tells me that what we eat matters. Oh look! That Paleo Guy agrees, and if you haven’t read this yet, you must. He just unleashed part 2, and I look forward to digging into that too.

So I’ma dial it back, sort of Whole30 style. I’m not going to call it a Whole30 because I’m going to keep butter in my life, but no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy (except butter), no substitution items like bready, desserty things. I also need more exercise in my life, so I’m putting some action in that direction. During the good weather in these parts, it’s easy to get out for some MovNat-style movement anytime I please, but when it’s cold, wet, and slippery, fugeddaboutit. I’ve tried and it’s just miserable. I’ve nearly killed myself on slick, mossy picnic tables, much to the amusement of any passersby. I’ll post later when I get everything organized and I’ll share my physical adventures with you. Stay tuned.


Oh yeah, baby. Now drop some eggs on me.

I’m starting the dietary stuff on December 26th. That’s right. I’m not waiting for New Year’s Day with all the other losers. I have an extreme aversion to resolutions, so I thought I’d show everyone up by starting early. I’m also no fan of New Year’s Eve, so that’s not a temptation for me. When I finished my Whole30 last October (see here for all posts related to that), I didn’t think I would ever feel the urge to do another one. I found the social aspect really tough to navigate. I mean, it’s bad enough as it is (I was recently told that my primal pumpkin pie wasn’t good enough of a replacement so someone is bringing their own dessert for Christmas Eve dinner…), but it’s really hard to look a good host/hostess in the face and repeatedly say, “No thank you,” which leads to all sorts of awful conversations about what you’re doing and why. Ugh.

And yet. Here I am. Ready for more torture. The best kind of torture, because it takes care of me. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m not planning on blogging it everyday like I did before, but I’ll try to post weekly updates. I’m ready this time, I bought four pounds of sugar-free, Whole30-approved US Wellness Meats bacon. I also got some of their sugar-free breakfast sausage, so I’m good to go. I predict that, again, the toughest part will be the morning caffeinated beverage with no dairy in it. But I’ve bought some very good special-edition coffee that tastes great with little adornment so I will survive. Somehow. Which always makes me realize I should just give up the caffeine. Maybe someday.

Because I’ve been in “Eff it!” mode since Thanksgiving, knowing I was gonna buckle down after Christmas, I’ve been enjoying a fancy mocha every morning. Here’s my recip2013e: double shot of espresso (you could do coffee), 1 tsp. cocoa powder, 1 tsp. honey, 2 dashes of cinnamon, and steamed milk. Yummm…it’s been fun, my dear Mexican Mocha…

This may be my last post of 2012, so I’d like to thank all of you for reading my little corner of the intertubes. Hopefully I’ll see you in 2013, healthy, happy, and with renewed vigor for what’s out there. The world is one big primal playground. How are you going to take advantage of it in 2013?




2 Responses to “Happy Holidays, and Phew! They’re Almost Over”

  1. Damn you, getting the jump on our Whole30! We’ll start on the 31st, which is actually your 30th. And your 26th is actually our 27th, so I guess you are only 3 days ahead. My brain hurts…

    A question for you: Do you think the seasonality stuff – being in the depths of winter for you – has influenced your Eff it mode? Do you think the foods you are eating are a form of self-medication?

    Curious on your thoughts there.

    Have a wonderful winter solstice, Karen!

    • Are you guys trying to sabotage everyone’s New Year’s Eve celebrations?! ;)

      Funny you ask about that self-medication bit…your post about CICO got me thinking about this. I’m definitely moving less and not justifying the starches and sugars I’m taking in. I should probably be doing more fat and veg, instead of all the rich, creamy, starchy things plus substitution items I’ve been making for the holidays. Luckily, I am not one who’s ever had psychological issues around food or any disordered eating, so whatever self-medicating is going on is probably temporary and fairly minor.

      But there’s a wrinkle, and pardon my getting personal here, but I’ve been having energy issues for a full year now. It ebbs and flows. I was diagnosed with MTHFR deficiency, and I was hoping supplementing for that would be a cure-all, and it appears that’s not the case. I also started vit D supps, again, still having issues. It doesn’t seem quite as extreme as before all the supps, but there are days I feel like I’m going to die if I don’t get an afternoon nap. So there’s something else lurking, but I am not exactly thrilled with the medical poking around I’ve done and I fear if I continue down that path, I’ll end up with all sorts of stupid diagnoses and pills. Even with the functional medicine practice I’m going to.

      So your post got me thinking that perhaps there’s something I can do dietarily that would help. But that’s also a gigantic trap to fall into, and I know because I’ve already been there. But it’s still on the table. Problem is…where to start? I know that I do better with some starch/carbs in my life since my hair started falling out months after going hardcore LC in the beginning. But that’s about all I know. So we’ll see how this Whole30 treats me and I’ll go from there.

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