Programming Note: Naturally Selected

I have a blog post up over at a new collaborative venture, Naturally Selected. You can check it out here. It’s one of my more poetic pieces and it explores the human side of this business we call evolution.

I came back from the Ancestral Health Symposium this past August jazzed up and ready for action. Luckily, a whole crew of others were too, and they were willing to let me participate as long as I continued to take my meds.*

We all enjoyed the nutrition and sciencey-science, but felt like something was missing in all the talk about carbs and cholesterol. Conversations veered into spirituality, art, parenting, socializing, American life, human heritage, and sexuality. The gravity of that absence became palpable for us, and so, here we are, conversing into the ether together from all over the country, hoping that our intentions land and take root.

The blog is in its infancy, but our podcast should be debuting soon. Lots more to come, and I think it’ll knock your socks off. Stay tuned. This is what’s been missing from ancestral health.

*Just kidding! No meds! Although I’m interminable after my morning coffee. Those poor blokes.



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