A Periodical Rest

Alas, my friends. It is time.

Time for a break. Time for a dose of real life and a little less virtual life. For taking all this theory of good food, better sleep, more movement, and more sunshine and putting it to work for me. I had a taste of it on vacation in Florida recently, and I want MORE.

‘Cause I’m tired y’all. I’m just not recovering very quickly and I have a sweet little thing who needs my full and unagitated attention. My husband needs a wife who isn’t wrapped up in a virtual dervish of garbage online. He doesn’t know who Jack Kruse is and doesn’t care (more on that here). And guess what? The rest of the world neither knows nor cares either. What a refreshing realization.

It was actually the whole cruise brouhaha that helped me realize it was time for a break. As I observed from the sidelines, it was entertaining to see players who weren’t directly involved get sucked in and start to insert themselves into the drama. And then perpetuate it for their benefit. I’m sure some folks have never had such great blog stats.

Which made me realize that I was no different, really. And if we’re all online hanging on every development of something like this, then we’re not actually living the Paleo life, are we? I received a bit of criticism for suggesting as much, which is fine. If you love the drama and it’s giving you something in your life that is beneficial, then far be it for me to tell you how to spend your time.

La, la, la, la, la, la, la.

But I can almost guarantee with 100% accuracy that it’s not. All that life out there waiting for us as we typeity-type away? It’s all there is. The rest is noise. And I am in dire need of less noise right now.

Let’s think about this for a minute. If we all profess to love this lifestyle, then we should be DOING it, not talking about it. Granted, reading about it and discussing it with others can be an important affirmation and validation for our choices. After all, that was the historic function of church, right? To have a community of like-minded folks helping each other. It’s a beautiful thing—until it’s not.

In times like this, I like to imagine what Erwan Le Corre, the mastermind behind MovNat, would do. WWELCD? I’m sure he’s aware of the whole JK kerfuffle, but he’s out there in the world doing his thing. It makes me chuckle at all the silly insignificant obstacles and tribulations in my life when I think of him shirtless in a tree somewhere.

Which makes me pause to give major props to the leaders in this movement. They are non-stop with this stuff, and I hope they’re finding time for themselves in the midst of it all. I remember last year, several Paleo folks (Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness, Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal, and Robb Wolf of…Robb Wolf mofos!) had blog posts about how weary they were. I was only 5 months into this whole thing at the time, and I couldn’t fathom ever being tired of this. But now? Yeah, I get it.

Now we’re talkin’.

It’s a distraction from all the things in the physical world. For me, those include house projects I need to start and/or finish, checking out a gym with CrossFit and martial arts classes, getting outdoors more often, working on some creative writing projects, hanging out with and being a good friend to my husband, climbing trees, reading some actual books, reconnecting with local flesh-and-blood friends, and being immersed in the beauty that is my daughter, Edie. What are you missing out on?

Let’s make Paleo more than just a pretty idea.

There are some positive reasons for a hiatus as well.

I’m in the process of setting up a new online presence for myself. I’m still in planning stages, so if you have any ideas for me, please share!

I’m planning for it to be a bit broader, not quite as focused on nutrition. It will feature my professional offerings (writing/editing) prominently and allow for my creative pursuits too. I want to provide some comprehensive resources for real food, evolutionary thinking, mindfulness philosophy, and real life. A blog will still be a part of it, but in order to better fit my chaotic, unroutinized life, I doubt I’ll be able to hold myself to any hard and fast schedule. This will better enable me to fit in the random work projects that come along as well.

I’d like to devote some time and energy to some larger articles. I have ideas for some roundtable discussions on certain topics where I would facilitate a discussion with other bloggers and Paleo folks. These require some research and sustained attention that I just don’t have right now trying to keep up the blog, so I’m looking forward to the possibility of fleshing those out. I have a few ideas for topics, but if there’s something you’d like to see, lemme know.

I’m hoping to have a more organized recipe index, and I’ll try to replace the crappy food photos with better ones over time. In fact, you can help me with this. If you feel so moved, let me know in the comments here what your favorite recipes of mine are and if there were any you didn’t jive with. I’m hoping to narrow them down and maybe even cookbook them someday. Someday…

I should have some news about all that sometime in June. I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, I’ll still be Tweeting occasionally. If you don’t already, you can follow me @PaleoPeriodical on Twitter. I’ll continue to link to things I’m reading. And I promise to continue being totally ridiculous and irreverent.

If there’s anything else you need, don’t hesitate to contact me at PaleoPeriodical@gmail.com. Happy to respond to every email personally.

Thanks to all of you for reading. You haven’t heard the last of me, so don’t get too excited. But I hope you find your own way to enjoy the quiet with me.



9 Responses to “A Periodical Rest”

  1. Hey Karen, right with you … in the process of a refocus and life adjustment to be more present to the people in my life and live with more freedom, movement, fresh air and sunshine.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you! I recently went Paleo in February and immediately thought…I want to blog. I started one up, PrimalBelly, but quickly discovered that sitting in front of a computer on a Saturday when I should be out getting my Vitamin D was kinda defeating the purpose of my new found lifestyle. It has been about a month since my last post and in that last month I have gone on numerous bike rides with my family, gone swimming with my kids, to the beach with friends. I have cooked out, worked out (both CrossFit and around the house/yard), taken my daughter to a play and seen her in a play, been to birthday parties with my son, had dinners at the beach with the kid’s grandparents (both sets) and spent quality time with my husband. Basically, I have been happier in the last few months of my life than maybe in my whole life, and I owe it all to Paleo! What better way to repay the favor than by living life to the fullest each day! I know it sounds really cliche, but it has been a long time coming for me, and I have a lot of making up to do!

    By the way, I love reading your posts and always look forward to them. Yours is one of the few blogs that I look forward to in the same way I do my favorite monthly magazine to come in the mail. I think it is the space between that makes them more special and gives them more power/influence. So, thanks! :)

    • Yes. The urge to share this is strong and totally valid. It’s such a positive thing for so many folks and the world needs to hear the message. But good for you for listening to the stronger urge to live a full and active life. Let’s also be proud of being shining examples in the world.

      Thank you for the support, very kind words.

  3. Good for you! My favorite recipe is your Carnitas Ensalada…I literally eat it every week.

    • I’m about to make another batch of those carnitas tomorrow! Wish I could claim credit for it, but alas.

      Thanks for being such a faithful reader and commenter. :)

  4. Hey Karen,
    I didn’t know about your blog until today, and then I find out you have been channeling my thoughts, and that you’re going to take a break. I’m also really weary of my internet habit and am feeling an increasing need to disconnect. I only blog once a week or so now, down from twice a week last year. Maybe I’ll give it a break for a while, too, who knows. I think part of the paleo thing that is overlooked is the focus on being in the real world in a simple, relaxed way. I think you’re right to get refocused on your family and your own “real” life – the rest of it will still be there when and if you choose to return, believe me. Do what feels right. In the meantime I’ll check out all your old posts and try some recipes! :)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Mary!

      There’s plenty of archive there for you, have fun! ;) I blogged every M-F for 7 months or so, and then twice a week for a while now. I’m torn about it because I think the only way to maintain a readership is to be faithful to a schedule. I vowed early on never to have a post that began, “Sorry everyone! Things have been a bit crazy around here…” And it’s been a blessing in so many ways, but it became obvious that the rules were arbitrary and I was harming no one but myself.

      I miss it already. I still think in Blog-ese, framing things to say in essay form, bookmarking things I think would be interesting to everyone else, photographing some recipes. Still working out how to manage my return…

      I’ll check out your blog too, and you can be sure I’ll comment. ;)


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