Recipe: Grilled Poblano Chicken

Finally. Oregon’s wet, prolonged spring is occasionally letting up such that I can uncover my grill without fear. It’s a gloom-busting mood booster to cook a meal with pure, propane-fueled sunshine.

You longtime readers know I’m a native New Mexican, and I love me some chiles. They are a bit labor-intensive to deal with from scratch, but the flavor? Always worth the trouble. Poblanos fall somewhere between an Anaheim (mild) and a true New Mexican chile (AY YI YI!!!), so if you like a bit of spice but don’t want to overwhelm everyone at the table, then poblanos are a good bet. If you need to take it down a few notches, try the Anaheims. The flavor won’t be quite as rich, but just as tasty.

If the weather keeps you indoors but you still want to try this, sauté the chicken (cast iron would be ideal) and you can either broil the chiles or char them over a gas flame.

Yes, there's a chicken thigh under all that goodness.

Grilled Poblano Chicken

4 poblano chiles

8 chicken thighs, boneless and skinless

sea salt and fresh ground pepper

1 Tbsp. ground cumin

1 Tbsp. garlic powder

1 Tbsp. dried oregano

1 tsp. cayenne pepper

2 Tbsp. olive oil

1/2 head red cabbage, sliced into thin ribbons

2 avocados, sliced

1 cup pumpkin seeds

2 bunches green onions, sliced

Garnish Ideas: salsa, Greek yogurt or sour cream, cilantro, cheese, limes

1) Preheat grill. Roast chiles over high flames on all sides until thoroughly charred. Place chiles in a glass dish with a lid or a paper bag (no plastic!) to sweat for 10 minutes.

2) Meanwhile, sprinkle S&P over chicken. Mix rest of spices (cumin through cayenne) in a small bowl and rub the mixture into chicken on both sides. Brush the chicken thighs with the olive oil.

3) Grill chicken over medium-high heat until grillmarks appear, about 5-6 minutes. Flip and grill another 5 minutes or so, or until cooked through.

4) Meanwhile, peel chiles. The skins should come off pretty easily. Cut off the tops and slit the chile open. Remove the veins and seeds. Put one roasted chile on each plate.

5) When ready to serve, top chiles with 2 thighs then some shredded cabbage, green onions, pumpkin seeds, and avocado. Garnish with whatever your growling tummy desires. Now put it in your gullet.

Serves 4.

NOTES: If you want to fancify this, you could shred the chicken after cooking with two forks and stuff the chiles. You’d want to place the shredded meat near one cut side of the chile, then wrap the rest of the chile over the top so the seam would be underneath, making for a nice presentation. I would at least double the number of chiles.



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