Fun Day Friday!

(Video of Darryl Edwards’s playshop from Paleo FX.)

If you visit often, you know that I’ve been deconstructing my athletic pursuits. Less membership cards, less machine, less torture. More outdoors, more dirt, more fun. I can’t even remember how I found Darryl’s website, but I’m guessing it was a Google search for bodyweight exercise ideas, because I remember being surprised to discover at his site that he followed Paleo nutrition guidelines.

Darryl is a veteran of several MovNat workshops and his philosophy obviously shares much with their method. But what Darryl focuses on even more is the collaboration aspect, the social play. It really jazzes up the whole experience. I remember Clif from MovNat mentioning something along these lines in the workshop I took back in January. There was an exercise that involved partnering up and one was supposed to be “attacking” the other. The attackee was supposed to push back and then sprint off with the attacker in hot pursuit. Clif said that adding someone into the mix created more engagement, more purpose.

I couldn’t agree more. Imagine if you were on a desert island all alone. Few things would have true purpose. There’d be shelter to protect you, food to sustain you. But that’s about it. Now add in one person, and suddenly there’s a wealth of purposeful possibilities, because purpose is dependent on function, communication, and agreement. You could even get spiritual about stuff because there would be someone to share it with. Have you ever taken a hike or traveled by yourself, seen something that gripped you internally only to have nobody to express it to? In that space, purpose just failed to ignite. Don’t believe me? Try sprinting by yourself. Fine. Then get someone to chase you. Feel that? That’s purpose.

So clearly we’re social creatures. A hard pill to swallow for this misanthropic introvert. There aren’t many people I feel comfortable wriggling around in the dirt and falling out of trees with, but luckily I have a few folks who like to play with me. It would be a lonely world indeed without them. (You know who you are, thankyouthankyouthankyou.)

Here’s another guy I like to watch for inspiration, Al Kavadlo. He’s obviously a beast, but he does it with a smile. If you find yourself unsure what to do once you’re at a playground, Al’s got all kinds of tricks for you. Heck, he doesn’t even need a playground. Just give the guy a delivery truck and he’s good to go. (I wanna see him do this while it’s in motion…)

See more of Darryl’s stuff at The Fitness Explorer.

See more of Al’s stuff at We’re Working Out!

Now how are you going to play this weekend?


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