Random Paleo FX Thoughts

These guys need no introduction: Sisson and Wolf.

Phew! Now that I’ve met my Paleo Magazine Paleo FX round-up deadline, I have some random thoughts that didn’t make it into the article that I can share with you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the random.

  • I notice with these sorts of things, as with the Paleo Summit, I tend to contract mentally and think, “Oh my gosh, I need to buckle down and get strict with my diet!” And then, inevitably, I relax again because it becomes painfully obvious that we still don’t know shit. I feel like we can continue to follow the scientific rabbit down the labyrinthine hole or we can relax and realize that we’re each individuals with different needs that can’t possibly be predicted by silly formulas. And you know what’s better than any microscope about what you should eat? Think about what your ancestors had available to them pre-agriculture. This is why I can’t get excited about the O6 to O3 ratio in my local, pastured pork. Or the phytates in my almonds. Because my ancestors didn’t either. And yes, I realize that our foods are markedly different than what was available then, but I think there’s great wisdom in not letting the perfect be the enema of the good. Or something like that.
  • Nora Gedgaudas and Jimmy Moore getting their chat on.

    I’m starting to really pay attention to what the practitioners who work with patients and clients have to say. I feel like they have a wealth of information to draw from and have seen different people with different needs and goals. I’m not saying they’re perfect, and I certainly disagree with some of them about certain positions (Nora Gedgaudas’s stance against starches, for example), but I feel like this first-hand experience is worth listening to. I found myself particularly impressed with Dr. Lane Sebring and Dr. Amy Myers.

  • Piggybacking on that, I’m finding the N=1 business pretty tiring. It’s starting to feel like this automatic answer to whether something is valid or not: “Should you eat safe starches? Only you can know for sure!” As though there’s no objective truth. Of course N=1 makes sense, and ultimately it’s all we have to go on, but doing pointless self-experiments without guidance seems ill advised. Here’s to hoping we can all find a sweet spot in the middle = informed rugged individualism.
  • Chris Kresser with Paleo FX founders Michelle and Keith Norris

    Chris Kresser’s cholesterol talk is fantastic. If you haven’t already seen it through the Paleo Summit, go to his website to learn more. He’s distilled down a lot of information from Chris Masterjohn and other sources/studies into one powerful lecture. Thankfully I purchased the Paleo Summit so I can watch this presentation another 47 times to fully understand it. I think every medical professional everywhere should see it.

  • CJ Hunt, the mastermind behind the new movie In Search of the Perfect Human Diet, is an entertaining presenter and super easy to talk to. I really enjoyed chatting with him. Now if I could just find time to watch the darned thing and do a review…
  • Which reminds me of Darryl Edwards, The Fitness Explorer, who came all the way from London to lead us in his PRIMALity playshops. Darryl nudged me during CJ’s talk to get downstairs in line for the DVD before the mob descended. If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have a copy, so thanks Darryl! If you ever have an opportunity to take one of his playshops, I can’t recommend it enough. I’m glad to have relatives in London so that I can look him up when we visit.
  • Dr. Jack Kruse. What to say? It’s clear why he’s so polarizing. Do I think he has a right to be here giving his two cents? Yes. Do I think others have a right to disagree with him? Absolutely. Do I wish people would disagree with him more respectfully? Yes I do. That being said, there were two things that really got to me at PFX: 1) The fact that he told the audience “I don’t expect you out there to understand this stuff” not once, not twice, but at least three times (just from my accounting). It’s not really a good move to insult your audience. 2) In his opening night speech he mentioned the starfish parable and suddenly, starfish became the mascot for PFX12 mentioned everywhere. As someone with literary training, it just really offended my sensibilities and my intelligence. I’m willing to concede that folks out there like an easy Hallmark-card sentimentality, but I’m not one of them. Luckily, I’m not looking for any gurus and Dr. Kruse’s protocols don’t seem to have any application for me, so his presence doesn’t bother me because I find it pretty easy to ignore him. My fear is that he may have some helpful information, but the cult of personality may drown it out.
  • I own that bar.

    Paleo FX is where it’s at for me. The movement is what sets it apart. Movement workshops run parallel to the presentations, and it’s really amazing to be able to get out from under the fluorescent lighting and off my bum to get some fresh air and exercise. I learned some new tricks to bring home to my training and share with my workout buddies. If I had to pick one conference to attend a year, it would be this one. I look forward to returning next year when it will hopefully be scheduled some other time than during the SXSW festival. Man, Austin was a madhouse and getting a cab was a nightmare, but I could see what an awesome town it would be to explore when there’s a bit less chaos. I will also be sure to get more BBQ.


2 Responses to “Random Paleo FX Thoughts”

  1. The Fitness Explorer Reply 03/28/2012 at 7:01 am

    Thanks Karen – a great recap and an alternative (more objective perhaps?) viewpoint to some other posts I have read.

  2. You DO own that bar. :-) I’m really looking forward to Hunt’s movie!

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