Recipe: Dark Chocolate Sandwich Nibbles

Since I’m at Paleo F/X this week, I’m keeping it simple with the recipe, but I don’t think you’ll mind.

You know how it goes. I know you do. Sure, sure. Here in the Paleo world we talk a lot about grass-fed beef and broccoli and greens and…omigawd, I fell asleep. Because sometimes you just gotta have something else, and you won’t stop scouring the pantry until you’ve found it. And so this little delightful tidbit was born.

Dark Chocolate Sandwich Nibbles

A super-dark chocolate bar (not less than 73%)

Some almond butter

Some sea salt

Some honey

— Cut your bar along the score lines. You’ll need two sections for each sandwich. Spread some almond butter on one chocolate section, sprinkle a smidge of sea salt on it, then drizzle some honey on that. Place another chocolate section on top and then you know what to do.



4 Responses to “Recipe: Dark Chocolate Sandwich Nibbles”

  1. I having been playing with paleo, and my treat-time thing on occasion is dairy rather than chocolate…..Usually strong cheese will do it for me…but for a dessert I’m testing various Spanish style cheesecakes. No crust, just creams of various types, eggs and sweetened with dextrose, flavoured with real lemon juice and zest. The dextrose is pure glucose to our body so despite being an industrial product I feel it’s a more intelligent option bio-chemically than a so-called natural product that contains fructose. This might make an interesting area to investigate for your wonderful blog (not cheesecakes, but the dextrose versus agave-nectar/honey/stevia/ thing.

  2. These look lovely, hope you have an awesome time in Austin!

  3. This looks so very good!. I love chocolate!.

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