Recipe: Steak Frites

Yes. You can still have it. Just swap out those white potatoes fried in vegetable Franken-oils and you’re good to go.

The surprise for me was cutting tri-tip into individual steaks, an idea I got here. I often buy bison tri-tip at the Farmers’ Market which always comes as a large roast. But for some reason, my co-op always carries beef tri-tip as thickly sliced steaks, but I was still able to slice them up into smaller portions which works well with this cooking technique. The result was perfectly cooked, tender awesomeness. And the sauce? You better hold on to your hats, folks, because it tastes like an old school steak sauce with none of the compromises.

Another trick learned from the linked recipe is to preheat your baking sheet before putting your fries on it. Helps give those crispy edges that are sometimes hard to get with sweet potatoes. And the thinner you slice your fries, the crispier they’ll get. Just be sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t incinerate.

Steak Frites


2 pounds sweet potatoes, cut into long fry-shapes

3 Tbsp. coconut oil, gently melted

salt and pepper, to taste

2 Tbsp. parsley, chopped fine


2 pounds beef or bison tri-tip, sliced into 1-inch thick steaks

salt and pepper, to taste

2 Tbsp. pastured butter or cooking fat of choice (*Normally, I wouldn’t try to persuade you on this front, but I highly recommend the butter. You’ll be making a sauce with what’s left in the pan, and I feel like butter is the best candidate.)

1/4 cup grainy mustard

2 Tbsp. prepared horseradish

1) Make frites: Preheat oven to 475°F with one rack in upper third of oven and one rack in lower third. Put your baking sheet for the fries on the lower rack while the oven is preheating. In a large bowl, toss sweet potato fries with oil and S&P. When oven is ready, remove baking sheet with potholders and pour fries onto it, spreading them out into a single layer. Place them on the lower rack and set your timer for 30 minutes. Be sure to stir them a few times to avoid scorching.

2) Meanwhile, sprinkle steaks with S&P on both sides. Melt butter in a large ovenproof skillet (cast iron is great). Sear both steaks for about 3 minutes on both sides, then pop the skillet into the oven on the upper rack. Since your timer may already be indisposed, either set another one or keep an eye on the time for 9 minutes.

3) Remove the skillet, set steaks aside on a plate to rest, and put the skillet over medium-high heat on the stove. If you need more juices in the pan, add another hunk of butter. Stir in mustard and horseradish, being sure to scrape up all the browned bits from the pan. Sauce should be dark brown in color. Add in any accumulated juices from the steak plate. If sauce is too pungent or thick, add water until desired taste/consistency. Plate steaks, drizzle sauce over, add a handful of fries on the side, sprinkle fries with parsley, and serve.

NOTES: If you have any homemade mayo around, it makes a great dip for the fries.


8 Responses to “Recipe: Steak Frites”

  1. Sounds good Karen. Love the sweet potato fries and grainy mustard and horseradish idea for both steak and fries.

  2. sweet potato fries are THE BEST! never tried this method, can’t wait to give it a go :) thanks!

  3. Yum! It looks like I’ll be shaking up my usual tri tip routine.
    I just saw a recipe for parsnip fries on bon appetit this morning that would also pair well with this. Aaaaaand now I’m hungry.

  4. OK that’s dinner for tonight, our son is visiting tonight to celebrate his new job, this’ll do the trick!

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