T-Shirts! Get Yer T-Shirts!

The blog could no longer contain my profound witticisms. They must go forth on the torsos of my minions! Bwa ha ha!

Er…*ahem*. I mean, would you like to buy a t-shirt?

Every shirt purchased gets the message out in a fun and fashionable way. I’ve kept the famewhoring to as minimal a role as possible by putting my blog address in the smallest font and, in most cases, putting it on the back of the shirts. The only exceptions are the hoodies, so I put PaleoPeriodical.com in smallest font right below the message. I get a small cut of the proceeds, about $4 per shirt, so it’s a great way to send some support my way if you’ve been enjoying the content here.

As for the designs, there’s one for everyone, one for the anarchist, and one for the jester.

Go feral. My personal favorite because it’s a positive message and it speaks to the literal and poetic message of Paleo. It’s legacy resides in MovNat’s idea of the Zoo Human, so break out of your cage! This message festoons several types of t-shirts (regular, ringer, v-neck), performance shirts, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, baby onesies, child’s t-shirts, a ladies’ t-shirt dress, tank tops for the ladies, and muscle shirts for the guys. Many color options available.

Live by the Paradigm, Die by the Paradigm. For those days when you’re just fed up with CW, the SAD, and the status quo. If your family hasn’t disowned you yet, wear this to the next reunion or holiday gathering and it’s sure to seal the deal. Available in t-shirts only right now, with three color options in both men’s and women’s styles.

Contrarian Health Plan. If you’re eating Paleo, you’re already a member, so why not proclaim it? I love the subversiveness of this one, it looks like your typical free shirt given at the end of that medical juggernaut-sponsored 5k. Folks are bound to do a double-take and ask questions. Available in t-shirts only right now, with three color options for both guys and gals.

If there’s a color combo you’d love or really want one of the other designs on a hoodie, let me know. It was a lot of work getting this up and running, so I’m going to take a break for now. But I’ll keep an eye on the bestsellers and maybe get brave and actually talk to a graphic designer for future iterations.

To buy, go here. I’ve added a page tab in the top navigation bar so you can easily access the shop from now on. (P.S. – Thanks, Michelle!)

So. Whaddya think?


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