Shameless Self-Promotion

Do you have a subscription to Paleo Magazine? If you don’t, you’re missing out on a fantastic resource. There’s just something comforting and life-affirming about having Paleo information delivered to me, like a telegram from somewhere out there reminding me I’m not alone and that I’m not completely crazy (about diet and exercise, anyway).

The Jan/Feb issue is out and I’m in it! Yeah, yeah, Robb Wolf is on the cover. But I’m in it! As I’ve mentioned before, the article was born here on this blog, but in the article, I go into more detail about why the link between melanoma and sun exposure isn’t as direct as we’ve been led to believe.

It’s always a pleasure to see my writing in print, but imagine my surprise when I discovered more of me in the issue! In a section where the editors quote folks from around the web (Twitter, blogs, facebook, etc.), they quoted a piece from one of my posts. And they listed me as a Twitterer to follow. I could hardly get to sleep last night with the huge grin on my face. It just feels so awesome to be a part of this vibrant community. Thanks, Paleo Magazine, an absolute pleasure working with you.

In other news, the nutrition and lifestyle website I did some writing for is up, you can see it at I wrote the section on sun exposure (hmm…I’m sensing a pattern here…). The doctor behind the site, Deborah Gordon, has become passionate about nutrition after seeing great results in herself and her patients from a real foods-based diet. They’re just getting this off the ground and there’s more to come soon.

I have another development in the making, but I’ll announce it in its own post soon. Stay tuned.


3 Responses to “Shameless Self-Promotion”

  1. Fantastic! And congratulations.

  2. Awesome, mine came in the mail yesterday! We are having a much needed snow day here in Colorado so I look forward to reading it with my coffee this morning!

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