Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

You lovingly picked out your turkey. Brined it, basted it, reverently consumed it, and used every part of it by making stock. And now, you’re so done with turkey, you don’t want to even look at one until next Thanksgiving. We Paleo/Primal folk love us some leftovers, but the sheer amounts of meat a turkey can produce can overwhelm even the most Groktha Stewart of us. And without sandwiches, what can we do with all that leftover turkey?

Sometimes, all you need to do is think a bit beyond the usual. Try another region of the globe: China, India, Sweden. Try a new ingredient—may I suggest my native New Mexican green chile? Think salad, soup, frittata.

I’m here to help. Here’s a list of PP recipes that will translate beautifully with turkey.

Turkey Salad w/ Pecans and Grapes

Cream of Green Chile Turkey Soup

Chile Verde Turkey

Turkey, Bacon, Sweet Potato Hash

Crunchy Salad w/ Turkey

Cabbage Hash w/ Turkey and Bacon

Enchilada-Spiced Pulled Turkey

Coconut Turkey Soup

Creole Shrimp and Turkey Stir Fry

Turkey Sweet Potato Curry


6 Responses to “Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas”

  1. Now picturing Martha Stewart in fine animal skins. :-D

    • And you know they would be the finest skins available. “My skirt is a combination of rare Mongolian yak calf and Andean rabbit, trimmed with the teeth of Madagascar lemurs.”

  2. Thx for the great recipe ideas. Wish I would have read this a couple days ago! Another to add to the list is Avgolemono soup. It’s a Greek recipe, I believe. Lemony, eggy, brothy and flavored with fresh dill. Just use turkey broth and turkey meat in place of the chicken.

    • Amazing idea! I love Avgolemono, and have been meaning to make it sometime. Now that I’ve got turkey broth in spades, the time might be near. Thanks for the reminder!


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