Whole30: 29

Wow, hard to believe there’s only one more day left.

In some ways, I’m fantasizing about what I’ve been missing: bacon, wine, honey in my tea, cheese. But in other ways, it feels wrong to just dive back in where I left off. I have a lot of thoughts on this (big surprise, eh?), so I’ll post those this week in a series of Whole30 Wrap-Ups.

Breakfast: Egg and chorizo sausage scramble. Coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon.

Snack: My daughter and I were at the park through lunch, so I brought some almond butter with banana and huckleberries to tide me over.

Lunch: Leftover chicken soup.

Dinner: Pork stew with olives served on mashed butternut squash. Recipe forthcoming.

Exercise: Walk to the park and back, pushing a stroller. I did a few pull-ups on the monkey bars. Charged up the hill back to the house. Phew.


6 Responses to “Whole30: 29”

  1. waiting for your wraps-up ! I have been feeling very frustrated yesterday, like ” why not eating everybody else and just don’t care ” my mind was fighting against the ” restrictions ” . My energy is not where i want it to be (yet) , i feel bloated and heavy. I know it is just the beginning and i hope things will improve. Sugar cravings are gone, wich is totally cool. Any advice (especially about the bloating and heavy feeling?)

    • Hmm…my bloating and intestinal issues seem to be smoothing out recently, so I would say that sometimes it just takes some time. Not the thing we usually want to hear…I’ve noticed too that certain things make it worse. For me it’s things like cabbage and any kind of sugar sends my gut bacteria into a frenzy.

      I really think that whenever we change our diet, we are also shifting this vast universe of organisms in our guts. That takes time. I think they get used to certain things and react differently to other things. We have to learn how to work with those little guys rather than against them.

      How long have you been at this way of eating?

  2. i meant ” eating LIKE everybody else ” of course LOL

    • I kind of liked “eating everyone else”. ;)

      • It would be pretty excessive as a solution lol !!!

        I have been eating paleo since 2 months, 80/20.
        Cabbage could be an issue;i have eaten raw red cabbage yesterday, and lots of raw veggies during the week-end.
        these 3 later years, i have tried a lot of diets, not to lose weight because i am rather lean, but to find the ultimate diet that would make me ….i can tell it to you .. unbreakable. ( i know , it’s impossible). Both my body and mind are messed up about food, so i guess that like you said … it will take time…(and you’re right, i don’t like very much to hear that …lol)


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