Whole30: 20

20. Now that’s a nice round number.

*TMI ALERT* Seriously, turn back now if you’re not interested in potty talk. But ever since starting the Whole30, my intestines have been off. Has anyone else noticed this?

Before the challenge, my guts hummed along happily and regularly. But for some reason, not so much now. I can’t imagine why this would be the case. I read somewhere that introducing big amounts of coconut products can do that, and I’m certainly consuming more coconut milk and oil. But for 20 days?

My symptoms are mysteriously similar to when I used to get IBS after prolonged periods of stress. And I shan’t lie, there has been some prolonged stress. Nothing major, I’m working on it. But I guess we won’t know until I’m done with the Whole30. Maybe I’ll start recording my bowel movements here for you in my daily journal. Just kidding.

Breakfast: Leftover ground pork with zucchini, mushrooms, and tomatoes scrambled with eggs. Coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon.

After Workout Snack: Handful cashews and about 5 grapes.

Lunch: Leftover Bison Chili Masala.

Snack: 1/2 cherry Larabar. (Was having an extremely rare chocolate craving…)

Dinner: Chicken Saltimbocca = chicken thighs stuffed with prosciutto and sage leaves, sautéed in coconut oil then served with a pan sauce of lemon, garlic, and chicken broth (will post recipe for Monday). Side of carrots, onions, garlic, and leftover broccolini sautéed in coconut oil. *Yum*

Exercise: Another playground workout! Jog warm-up with calisthenics at the corners of the grass. Circuit consisting of mountain climbers, jump rope, box jumps, animal crawls (rabbit, monkey, bear, and crab), swing ab circles, wall sits, and tri dips. Did some suicide sprints, grapevines, lunges, and skips on the basketball court. Played around on equipment after (pull-ups and up-and-overs).


9 Responses to “Whole30: 20”

  1. Still a lot of room for improvment here too concerning bm…i am taking a lot of probiotics + L glutamine to get a super healthy intestine full of good bacteries !

    • Err… yes, room for improvement for me too. I just finished a Whole 30 (let’s say attempted, few off plan items here and there) and my guts have been very sensitive.

      I was thinking of doing what Adeline outlined above and working on my gut health with probiotics.

      The other thing: when I have even the smallest bite of grains I pay for it. My guts now react quickly and violently. Guess it is a good reminder to stay away from them.

  2. This is something I’ve been struggling with as well…which is why I am doing the Whole 30 in the first place…I suspected that my digestive issues were coming from dairy, now I’m not so sure. Nothing really changed for me digestively until day 15 when I woke up and had what I felt like a pretty thorough “clean-out” so I was hoping that it just took that long for my body to release from the dairy consumption and that I would continue to be more regular which was the case for day 16 so I was hopeful…
    Now day 20 and I’m really back in the same digestive boat as before…it’s just hit or miss for me again. ;(
    I didn’t add the clarified butter or ghee just to stay consistent with my no-dairy trial…
    I’m trying to add a few more starchy veggies (sweet potatoes mostly) to my daily menu to see if that may help…seems like it might but I haven’t really documented it…
    So, we’ll see what the next 11 days bring…on day 15 I was thinking “if this is the result no way will I ever add dairy back”…now I may be re-evaluating that!!!!

    • It’s a constant process isn’t it?

      Do you work crazy random hours as a flight attendant? My husband’s an ER doc with a random schedule, including overnights, and every time it messes with his guts. All of this stuff is hormonally regulated, and there are a few culprits here.

      • YES! I definitely do work some crazy hours…I was doing a lot of international flying which are pretty much all-nighters, then no sleep the next day and crazy interrupted sleep…essentially losing a full 24 hours of sleep but this month I built my schedule with domestic trips thinking it would be easier on the Whole 30 but the trips are mostly trans-cons so now my time zones are all screwed up! BUT, I will be on vacation October 29-November 30 (!!! :o) !!!) so I’m hoping to really try to get things straightened out… but with not much change with eliminating dairy I’m just not sure what else it could be. I eat absolutely no gluten, grains, soy, legumes, refined sugar and now dairy!!!! Plus I get regular colonics and still have to use herbal supplements to just get a sorta normal BM!!!!

  3. Digestive distress is a very common for the duration of your Whole30 and beyond. It’s a normal, natural part of the healing process, and it can take a solid 2-3 months to resolve. I experienced this myself when I first did the Whole30. I was eating pretty darn clean, but that last 10% makes a huge difference in the healing process.

    Think about what happens when you are healing from a cold – your nose runs, your eyes water, your chest is all congested. The same thing happens in your digestive tract as your extra-thick (protective) mucosal layer starts to slough, your gut flora and fauna start to repopulate and your intestinal lining starts to heal.

    Some foods can make this process more difficult. First, raw veggies are much harder to digest, especially if you’ve got any digestive tract inflammation. If you’ve recently upped your veggie content dramatically (and much of those are raw), consider trying to cook your veggies more thoroughly. Too much fat in the diet can also make things move along too quickly, so consider breaking your fat doses (especially coconut milk, which is really easy to slam before your body registers “enough”) into smaller portions throughout the day.

    Finally, be patient. This process takes time – and stress (like that of flying from place to place, working crazy hours and not sleeping enough) make this situational worse. . I’d discourage you from introducing too many herbal supplements or probiotics willy-nilly – you can make the situation worse instead of better. Consider instead fermented veggies like sauerkraut and kimchee – natural probiotics in healthy doses. Last but not least, this process may take longer than 30 days. Please don’t discount the program because things are taking longer to fall into place. If you stick with it – as I did – things will soon be more regular, easy and happy than they’ve ever been – and they’ll STAY that way, even when you go off the rails from time to time. This has been my experience.


    • Thanks, Melissa!

      It’s definitely not about going off the rails or blaming the program for me. More a curiosity. I didn’t register digestive issues before, so it’s interesting to me that making such small changes could affect me so greatly.

      And I second the probiotic caution. I’ve read that overdoing probiotics can lead to gut flora die-off, if not just uncomfortable bloating. I’ve certainly experienced the bloating for myself when I go nuts and eat 1/2 jar of lacto-fermented dilly beans.

      I’ve started reading Nora Gedgaudas’s Primal Mind, Primal Body and she says it can take up to six months to properly heal a gut. So I suppose we should all be a bit more patient.

      Thanks again for stopping by and providing some helpful information.

  4. Thanks Melissa for your input…still working the program faithfully! :o) I wish I was a more patient person but it’s all a process…

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