Whole30: 15

Well kids. What’s a Whole30 without some Non30?

My high ideals for an evening on the town with my husband in San Francisco died a wine-soaked death. Before I go on to the details, let me say that I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a good excuse. I am not prone to rationalizing. I’m more into just telling it like it is.

And it was a blast.

But first, breakfast was a bust because I was packing for my trip into the city. But lunch was awesome. One of my best friends took me to a restaurant near San Francisco’s Ferry building called The Plant. It’s vegan-friendly and has a lot of wheat-free menu items. Why would I eat at a vegan-friendly restaurant? Well, if you think about it, Paleo is vegan plus meat. So I was able to get an amazing vegan salad with arugula, grapefruit, shaved fennel, and macadamia nuts with a lovely fillet of perfectly pan-seared halibut on top. It was amazing.

The conference event we went to that night was held in the Steinhart Aquarium in Golden Gate Park. Food stations were tucked in amongst the tanks, so you could grab a plate, walk around, and make funny faces at the moray eels. The food was high quality and really fresh—the sliders (mini hamburgers) were cooked to order. So I had a bit of this and a bit of that, nothing more than a 1/2 cup of any one thing.

It came down to the fact that this was my first chance to have a date night like this with my husband since the birth of my daughter over two years ago. And how did I want to spend it? As it came time to make some decisions, I voted for fun and enjoyment. It’s the next day and I have no regrets, which means I chose wisely.

What I did wrong: I drank white wine. I had dessert. I think there may have been some sneaky cheese in one of the salads.

What I did right: I stayed completely away from obvious gluten and other grain sources. I tried and enjoyed the oysters.

So while I wasn’t Whole30 compliant, I did stick to my Primal guns. If I had gone to this event while not on a Whole30, I can honestly say I would’ve eaten the mini pork banh mi sandwiches by the truckload. I would’ve sampled the pad thai and polenta. But I didn’t. And today, despite the three glasses of wine I had over the course of the evening, I feel just fine. No sugar or gluten hangover (see more about off-plan eating here). I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but it feels like a victory of sorts.

Breakfast: Coffee with cinnamon. Banana with almond butter while rushing out the door.

Lunch: Arugula salad with grapefruit, fennel, and macadamia nuts topped with a halibut fillet.

Snack: Handful cashews.

Dinner: Small portions of green curry chicken, 2 1/2 mini hamburgers dipped in aïoli, beef short ribs, mushroom ragoût, 4 oysters with fresh salsa on top, salad with spinach and red cabbage. 3 glasses of white wine between 6 and 11 pm.

Dessert: Freshly made vanilla ice cream.



2 Responses to “Whole30: 15”

  1. I think it feels like a victory because it’s still a looooong way from your (our) old eating patterns. Your brain and body know it could have been so much worse – and they are happy it wasn’t ;-)

  2. Chichi for the win!!! :-p I ended up with a similar scenario back in July while whole30ing. As moms of young kids these fancy food date alone time opportunities are too rare to pass up!

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