Whole30: 14

Still away from home, so I’m still at the mercy of some uncontrollable forces. It sure is a different experience when you have to just order something and hope there aren’t weird vegetable oils hiding in it.

Also, I forgot to pack some healthy cooking oils. While I’m at my in-laws, I’ll be cooking with olive oil because it’s all I’ve got. Not perfect, but I guess it could be worse. It could be canola oil. Or Pam! *cue violins*

But what I did remember to bring with me is getting me through: farm fresh eggs, my bison tri-tip roast beef, almond butter, fresh fruit. My kiddo loves it too. This morning, there was an initial kerfuffle when she saw Nana and Papa eating cereal and oatmeal. She quit eating her egg with ham thinking she could Helen Keller her way to some of those processed carbs. But she was mistaken. Mama stuck to her guns and eventually, my daughter finished her egg happily. Then she asked, “More beef” at lunch. Not once, not twice, but four times. And then for dinner she ate what must have amounted to 1/4 lb. of roasted turkey. She’s such an awesome Paleo baby.

Tomorrow I head for the city of San Francisco proper for an overnight stay with my husband. He’s there attending a medical conference and tomorrow night, we’ll be going to a medical function and then dinner. I swear to do my best, but from what I’ve seen of menus in this town, I may have to give in to some bacon or a smidge of wine in the sauce. What I can pledge is not to drink alcohol and not consume dairy, on top of all the other obvious things we’re not eating. I think I’ll be okay with these concessions. But I hope y’all realize how excruciating this function is going to be without wine.

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in olive oil with some leftover baked sweet potato. Coffee with cinnamon.

Lunch: Several slices of roast beef, handful cashews, handful strawberries.

Dinner: (Bought from grocery store deli) Huge slice of roasted turkey breast, roasted veggies.

Dessert: Banana with almond butter. This is my new favorite.



4 Responses to “Whole30: 14”

  1. i have just bought almond butter yesterday and i will try it today !
    have a great day in San Francisco ! i have been there … a long time ago and loved it !

  2. Almond butter and banana are my favorite too…it’s my go-to “dessert”! Enjoy San Fran!

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