Whole30: 11

Well, kids. I ain’t gonna lie. Forces beyond my control have conspired against me. I swear, I did the best I could. But…

Breakfast started off fine. Then I met friends for lunch. I ordered to the best of my ability, but I’m not good at being the obnoxious customer and pestering restaurants and their employees. I ordered the carne asada sandwich without bread, cheese, or mayo. Got a side salad to go with it. It arrived as ordered, except slathered in mayo. Knowing the kitchen would have to completely redo it, I just ate it. Then the balsamic vinaigrette for the salad tasted too sweet, which means there was probably sugar in it. *Sigh*

I’ve talked about this before (here, here, and here). The bottom line: When you go to a restaurant, be prepared to have ingredients and preparations you can’t control. Even if you eat nothing but steak and vegetables, you can bet there are vegetable oils and sugar lurking somewhere.

This is not a sign of a bad restaurant or apathetic servers. It’s a sign of a broken food system and such abominably lowered expectations for the quality of our food. The fact that we can no longer attest to what is in anything is so uncomfortably scary to me, and I don’t even have an allergy.

Case in point. My wonderful in-laws had me over for dinner. They promised it would be Paleo, and even though I felt like an asshat doing it, I urged them to make sure there was no sugar hiding in the sausages. And after a glimpse at the label, whaddya know? Sugar. And my mother-in-law asked, “But if it doesn’t even register as a gram of sugar, what does it matter?” Well, normally it wouldn’t, but this month is different for me. I just didn’t have the heart to keep being the freak at the dinner table. My in-laws are always so gracious and so generous, I can only go on and on about this so long. So I ate them. Not my in-laws. The sausages.

Today raised several questions for me:

  1. Why is it okay to have sugar in everything? Who decided this?
  2. Why does it seem so difficult to people to make meat and vegetables? I personally think this way of eating has vastly simplified my cooking.
  3. Why can’t anyone see that this complacency is exactly the thing making us all sick and fat?
  4. Why does this feel like such an uphill battle? Is a diet completely free from these intrusions from the Industrialized Food Complex even possible?

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs in avocado oil with a side of leftover breakfast steak and salsa. Coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon.

Lunch: A few strips of steak on romaine with tomatoes, avocado, green onions, and mayo (ugh). Side mixed greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Iced tea (unsweetened).

Dinner: 4 (!) chorizo-flavored sausages, 5 asparagus spears, handful of tomatoes.

Dessert: 1/4 cup almond butter, 2 Tbsp. coconut milk, handful of huckleberries.

Exercise: Playground workout. Jog warm-up with grapevines (jogging sideways and crossing your feet) on the short ends. Played Athletic Pursuit using a Trivial Pursuit board and game pieces. Each color on the board corresponded to an exercise station (jump rope, tri dips, walking lunges, bear/crab walk, pull-ups, ab circles on the swing). You roll the dice and that’s what exercise you get. Then we did picnic table up-and-overs (just running an jumping/climbing over picnic tables), dragonflies (planks that move sideways), and some partner carries. Partner carries were my exercise goal for the week, so that’s done!


2 Responses to “Whole30: 11”

  1. Very good questions you asked … i’m wondering too …
    Healthy eating is SO simple : meat, veggies, fruits, nuts …but when gouvernments ( and then doctors) tell people since decades that a grain low fat diet is the way to go, it is more difficult …

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