Recipe Shout-Out: Curry Meatballs with Tomato-Coconut Sauce

On Day 3 of my Whole30, I mentioned I had this dish for dinner, courtesy of Mark’s Daily Apple. I thought I’d give it a proper shout-out here and provide a few details of my experience.

These meatballs were very good, and an excellent introduction to liver for someone squeamish with offal (namely, me). I used 1 lb. of ground bison, 1/2 lb. ground pastured pork, and 1/2 lb. of chicken livers. The flavors are richly layered and super comfy-savory for these cooler evenings. I’m jealous that my husband gets to take the only leftovers to work with him and I don’t get any.

First, since I’m Whole30ing, I substituted coconut oil for the butter in the recipe. That was the only substitution I had to make.

As mentioned in the directions, the meatballs get gooey, and they are a bit sticky to handle, but once they’re cooked, the texture is just fine.

Forgive the ugly carrots. I thought I had some regular carrots around, but did not, so I threw in my daughter’s snack carrots. I should’ve diced them down some more, but their flavor here was welcome.

For future iterations, there are a few things I might try. One—Add spinach or other greens to the sauce. Two—Simply use a garam masala instead of the litany of spices.

Whatever you do, DO NOT PUT A LID ON THE SAUCE. I made this mistake after I poured the sauce over the meatballs in the hopes of making sure the meatballs cooked all the way through. Instead of reducing and staying creamy, the sauce got really thin and watery. It still tasted great, but I’m looking forward to having it again and doing it right.

We served the meatballs and sauce atop some riced cauliflower flavored only with a bit of rich olive oil and S&P. Highly recommend.



One Response to “Recipe Shout-Out: Curry Meatballs with Tomato-Coconut Sauce”

  1. sounds yummy ! i have chicken livers (and hearts) in my freezer, maybe it’s time to use them !

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