Recipe: Quick & Dirty! Bacon Green Chile Frittata

Add some green chile, and we're in business.

In case you haven’t noticed, bacon and green chile go very well together. Also, green chile and eggs. Also, bacon, green chile, and eggs. When I lived in New Mexico, the combo was the ultimate hangover soother. And whaddya know? It’s still great, even though I rarely have hangovers.

Add whatever you’d like to this. It’s a Quick & Dirty! recipe after all. Greens, mushrooms, sweet potato, onion, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, green onions…options are endless.

Let’s review the Q&D rulebook, shall we?

Quick and Dirty Rules

  • There may not be formal measurements, though I’ll try to ballpark it. Eyeball what you’ve got for how many you’re feeding. Instructions may be loose, but I trust you.
  • The ingredients are not hard and fast. Feel free to deviate as necessary.
  • The whole meal must come together in less than 30 minutes.
  • It ain’t gonna be pretty.
  • Don’t blame me if it’s not perfect. The whole point is that it’s not perfect!

Bacon Green Chile Frittata

Amounts below are appropriate for 2 with leftovers or 4 if served with a side or salad. I used a large pan for this, so if using a smaller one of 10 or fewer inches, you might want to adjust down to 4 eggs.

1/2 lb. bacon, diced

1 cup green chile, diced

6 eggs

dollop of milk/cream, optional

kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste

handful of grated cheese, optional

1) Begin cooking bacon over medium-high heat. When fat renders and bacon is almost crisp, add green chile and stir together.

2) Meanwhile, whisk together eggs, milk/cream if using, S&P, and cheese if using. Pour over bacon mixture evenly. Then put a lid on it and reduce heat to medium-low.

3) Cook until egg on top is set, about 10 minutes. Carefully transfer frittata to cutting board and slice with your dusty pizza cutter into wedges.

NOTES: If you happen to have any Green Chile Sauce on hand, just cook the frittata without the green chile and pour the warmed-up sauce over the top before serving. I just drooled on my keyboard.



7 Responses to “Recipe: Quick & Dirty! Bacon Green Chile Frittata”

  1. Bacon and eggs is my favorite breackfast !!

  2. making this tomorrow for brunch! thank you!


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