The Finish Line

Hi all, it’s Juliann again! I wanted to drop by and (finally) give you my post-30 day challenge update.

My Whole 30 light officially ended on September 7th and it’s possible I was a little busy with work, football and Warrior Dash-ing making this post a bit delayed. Back in August I wrote about foods I cannot seem to resist and how I felt I had lost my grip on the 80/20 rule. I thought a 30 day challenge would be just the thing to get me back on the primal wagon. And I’m going to go ahead and say it did just that. And more.

In my halfway postI talked about some of my challenges and how difficult the first few days were. I’m happy to say that for the most part, the second half was fairly smooth sailing. But there were a few times that I wondered just how much longer 30 days could last. There were also a few times where I thought that I had not picked the best time to do this challenge. But guess what? There’s never a good time. There will always be stressful moments at work, friends visiting, special occasions, and any other multitude of excuses to not take it on. So just start.

My success over that month is directly related to the strong support network I have. There were numerous frantic text messages to Kelli at various times of weakness. And friends who are happy to change a restaurant destination so we can dine somewhere more paleo friendly. My CrossFit buddiessupplied me with recipes, stories and motivation.  Most of all, my super-supportive husband Kent. He provided constant encouragement and wasn’t afraid to call me out on my bs when I was trying to bend the rules just a little bit more. It is amazing the difference it makes when you have great people in your corner.

And then there was Karen. She was so kind as to email me a recipe for paleo brownies when I still had a week and a half left. She’s supportive like that.

So what is different? I’m back to having a little bit of dairy but I’m finding I’m not relying on it as much. I’m still using coconut milk in my coffee instead of cream. Have you tried this? If you haven’t,  you should. You get your milk and a little flavoring in one without the scary artificial ingredients. I am happy to have goat cheese back in my life. The steak and goat cheese salad is back in the rotation. But I’m not gorging on dairy or using it as a crutch. It’s an every-now-and-then addition.

One of the biggest reasons for catapulting myself into the 30 day challenge was my sugar habit. Even when following a primal lifestyle, I was consuming a lot of sugar mostly in the form of honey. I used this month to challenge my life-long habit of having something sweet after every meal. And this included fruit. It takes constant surveillance but I’m making strides. I barely ate any fruit over the month and when I did have grilled pineapple for dessert, I couldn’t even eat an entire spear it was so sweet. I did enjoy some chocolate-covered bacon at the end of my 30 days but I’ve been keeping the sugar in check. Although that Primal Banana Bread tasted damn good. I know this is something I’ll have to continuously monitor but those 30 days helped me really think through why I reach for something sweet and the games that I play in my mind to rationalize it.

I had mentioned how the scale had taunted me during the month. Which was odd for me because I’ve never been a bigweight by the numbers person. Well, I did step on the scale at the end of the 30 days and found that I had lost 9 pounds. Not bad, huh? I finished out the month physically feeling stronger and leaner. But I can’t lie, I missed my bourbon.



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