Warrior Dash!

This coming Sunday the 11th, I’ll be wallowing through the mud and hopping over the flames of Oregon’s Warrior Dash. It’s held just northwest of Portland in North Plains and promises to be a raucous and filthy good time. Besides, free beer and novelty viking hat? I’m all over it.

My sidekick and occasional guest-blogger Juliann is flying all the way from Phoenix, AZ to run the gauntlet with me.

The course (see here) is 3.18 miles with 12 obstacles. According to the race course map, it looks like the obstacles don’t get started in earnest until almost a mile in. Good. I’ll be warmed up and ready.

There’s mud to wade through, walls to climb over, rusty cars to wrangle through, and cargo nets to get tangled in. Oh, and the flames. Oh, and another thing—the barbed wire. But whatever. I’m guessing since this is open to the general public that nothing will kill me.

So everyone always asks me, “How are you training for that?” Well, I dunno. The distance isn’t an issue, though I made sure I could run the distance comfortably in my VFFs. I’ve been heading to the playground for some workouts there and focusing on pull-ups, push-ups, squats, sprints, and hopping over equipment. I’ve been climbing trees and lugging a 60-lb. sandbag around. I feel as ready as I’ll ever be. I have no doubt I’ll be tired when I finish and sore as hell for days, but I don’t expect any significant trouble with the course.

Luckily, we’ve rented a house with a hot tub for post-race soaking (after a shower, of course!) and I’ve made reservations at a farm-to-table restaurant nearby called Meriwether’s that looks Primal-friendly for a satisfying recovery meal. It promises to be a fun time. I’ll post a follow-up next week, complete with muddy pictures.

Have you done a Warrior Dash? Tell me about your experience! What should I know? And who’s coming with me next year?


18 Responses to “Warrior Dash!”

  1. Good luck! I’m doing the one in Ohio this Saturday and I’m not really ready for it (DEFINITELY not prepared like you are)! Oh well, should be fun regardless. Since I’m using my VFF’s as well I’ll probably be sore for two days afterwards. I’m jealous of the hot tub since we’ll be camping overnight afterwards….We thought it was a good idea at the time, we’ll see though!!

  2. Yummmmm….Meriweather’s. So delish and great outdoor seating. Good luck and kick some serious Warrior ass!

  3. F*cking idiots. Giant flames in a forest during extreme fire season. Hmmm.

    • Really?! I’m guessing they have to have some serious permits to pull off an event like this. And the flames are hardly “giant”. They’re not much more than a few inches, they’re contained, and sit on a dirt path. Hardly a hazard in my book.

  4. I’ve done two Warrior Dashes now (one in FL and one in IL)… The first I did in my VFF TrekSports the second I did barefoot… I’m doing another one in Florida come January… that one I’ll be doing barefoot… I like doing them barefoot better than in VFFs because it’s more fun and I feel better equipped to romp through the mud (almost lost my Treksports once in FL)…the issue with my barefoot run was there was a bit through a rocky creek bed… so that slowed me down…and you can’t hit the 2×4 obstacles as hard without shoes…still…it was way more fun barefoot!…

    • Yeah, that’s pretty cool going barefoot. I think it would be sensory overload for me, so I’ll try the VFFs this go-round and see how it goes. But maybe next time? ;)

      • I highly recommend going barefoot… unless you are very concerned about your time and competitiveness… What variety of VFF are you rocking? I had a friend voice some traction concerns when muddy KSOs met smooth 2x4s (balance beam style obstacle)

  5. I have loved the idea of the dash, but have never participated. A few of my friends went last year and I regretted turning them down to join on the trip. Awesome work Fatkid! I’m envious of the barefoot approach. Good luck!

  6. I’ll be there on Saturday. Had planned on running in VFF’s, but considering barefoot now. I’ve been training similar to you & have also taken a few “wet runs” (w/ soaked shoes & clothes). Thx for the tip on the eatery!

  7. Sounds like so much fun!!! Have a great time, looking forward to hearing all about it :)

  8. KAREN and Juliann…that is awesome! you are both awesome ladies…next year i wanna join you :)


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