Halfway There

Hey all! Juliann here with another guest post.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my kryptonite and I made the promise to go 30 days at 100% primal. Well, I’ve reached the halfway point and I thought I’d drop by to give you all a little update. I started my 30 day paleo challenge on Monday, August 8th after a Wyoming wedding weekend where I might have had a bit too much fun. I came home feeling like complete crap and happily undertook this challenge. It helped that Kelli agreed to do this with me so I had someone to call/text/tweet/telegram when things got rough.

I’m not calling this a Whole 30 challenge because I bent the rules a little. My 30 day challenge is basically a Whole 30 light. I set two caveats: red wine in moderation is allowed and butter can be used in very small portions. So far? Things have been going quite well. And I’ve only used two pats of butter.

I won’t lie – the first few days were not easy. I was trying not to drink coffee because I normally add whole milk and a small amount of honey. I hadn’t realized just how much sugar I had let creep back into my diet and boy, could I feel the sugar and the caffeine withdrawal. By day four those barriers seemed to melt away and I was in a good flow.

I’ve been known to be a kick-ass baker in my pre-primal days and I regularly said that I always need a little something sweet after a meal. A small piece of dark chocolate. Or three scoops of ice cream. You know, just a little something sweet. I had bought a bunch of berries in preparation of my 30 day challenge to replace the need for chocolate and ice cream. And then I read this. Yeah, it slapped me upside the head. Granted berries are what I should be reaching for when I want something sweet but by reaching for them every time an urge hit, I wasn’t changing my behavior.

I needed to change my habit.

Those berries have barely been touched. In the past two weeks I have had one small bowl of blueberries and strawberries and one apple with almond butter. And both times I’ve had the fruit I was amazed at how sweet it was. A little bit went a long way. I’m working hard on this and hope that at the end of the 30 days I’m able to resist the urge to have something sweet after every meal.

Here are a few other musings on my midway point:

  • Coconut milk tastes really great in coffee. I find good black coffee tasty but often times it’s a bit too acidic for me. A little bit of coconut milk helps with this.
  • I finally forced myself to make over easy eggs. It’s my favorite way to eat eggs but I’ve always been intimidated by the flip. Copious amounts of bacon grease helps with this.
  • I don’t really miss dairy. Except goat cheese. I dream of goat cheese.
  • I miss different textures. Meat and vegetables doesn’t give you much variety in texture. I know once my 30 days are up, I’ll be whipping up some primal banana bread.
  • The scale taunts me every morning. I’m not stepping on it until the 30 days is up but jeesh, every morning I walk into the bathroom and there it is just daring me to step on it. I’ve never been a scale obsessed person but right now I want to keep checking to see if I’ve lost any weight (pretty sure I have). This will just have to wait until September 7th. Not like I’m counting…

There are still some daily battles and being a social butterfly who likes to go out wtih friends can make this even more challenging. But I know that I’m feeling great right now and I’m determined to see this through the full 30 days. Should we take bets to see if I’ve smashed the scale to bits before then?


9 Responses to “Halfway There”

  1. Half way! I feel like I need to start over, I’ve had such a gluttonous weekend off the wagon. But the last two days have me feeling good again. And now, I’m cutting out fruit. Because you said so.

    Meat and veggies it is! ARRRRRGGGG. <-my primal cavegirl scream

  2. Oooo – I love Whole 30 Light… that’s awesome! Way to go on your progress so far!

    • Thanks! I need the encouragement. In some ways it’s easy and in other ways, it’s incredibly difficult. The mental part will most certainly get ya!

  3. Yeah, I’m doing a mini “cleanse” myself: Meat and Veg. Alcohol is becoming an issue…not in an addiction kind of way, just in a frequency kind of way. And sugar, in all its insidious forms, is becoming too familiar.

    Looking forward to my Whole30 in October.


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