Recipe Shout-Out: Grilled Tuna Salade Niçoise

This one is just too amazing to keep to myself, thank you (here, and P.S.—Be sure to click on the link in the recipe to “boiling salted water” and read the reviews there). I make this at least once a summer when all of this is seasonally available at my Farmers’ Market.

And surprisingly, for a standard recipe, there’s little to alter, unless you just don’t want any potatoes. I caved this time because there are only a few and there were some gorgeous yellow, red, and purple fingerlings looking up at me. And I said, “Yes, little potatoes, I’ll give you a wonderful home. IN MY BELLY!” Instead of boiling the vegetables, I steam them because I feel it gives me more control over their texture. And I steamed the eggs this time too, because I read that it would help my farm-fresh eggs peel cleanly, and it absolutely did.

This is not a quick and easy recipe. There are many steps and plenty of prep. So either plan ahead so you can put it all together at the last minute or spend a nice afternoon steaming veggies, boiling eggs, and making the dressing.

This is perfect for a late summer, outdoor dinner with company. If you try it out, let me know what you think!


2 Responses to “Recipe Shout-Out: Grilled Tuna Salade Niçoise”

  1. So funny — we’re having Salade Nicoise tomorrow night, except with ono instead of tuna. And, of course, no potatoes!

    We fixed the fish tonight while the grill was hot from chicken and zucchini. Just need to boil eggs and steam green beans in the morning…et voila! Dinner in five minutes or less.

  2. This is by far my favorite salad combo EVER! I have been eating it forever… Just the way seared tuna, eggs, olives, anchovies, green beans, capers and olive oil all taste together with butter lettuce and artichoke hearts!! Oh and of course some sun-dried tomatoes! Mouth watering.

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