Enjoy G&Ts? Read This.

Our house drink of the summer so far has been Gin & Tonics with a generous squeeze of lime. Because they’re low carb and it’s easy to control the potency, they seemed like the perfect Sit-On-The-Deck-And-Watch-The-World-Go-By drink. Until we checked the label of our tonic water. *Cue dramatic music*

Not THAT side! But while we’re here, let’s note that it says “Tonic Water” and they even go the extra mile to let us know that it contains quinine. Fun fact: That’s why G&Ts were popular with the British in India, because the quinine in tonic helps prevent malaria.

What’s this? “High fructose corn syrup and/or sugar”?! But the label says “Tonic Water”! Well, maybe it’s not that much…

27g??!! How many more incredulous punctuation marks can I cram into this post???!!!$#@%&^*~~~

I’m not even sure I’ll be able to find sugar-free tonic water, since the stores only seem to carry one kind. Ugh. Lesson learned. Yes, you must read all your labels. Even the ones who claim to contain only water. Something tells me Gin & Sodas just won’t quite be the same.


17 Responses to “Enjoy G&Ts? Read This.”

  1. Gah! Those are my favorites. Blah. Just make a martini now.

  2. I love g&t’s but I drink diet tonic. You can find it in most grocery stores. :)

  3. You could go diet tonic but then consume aspartame…or make your own: http://goo.gl/qeiW

  4. A G&T with diet tonic and 1 TB gin tastes like a G&T but is very low carb. (I know, 1 TB is a sad amount…) That’s what we drink over here!

  5. Try Q-Tonic, made with agave syrup; Fevertree’s light tonic; or Schweppes diet tonic, made with saccharin. Q-Tonic is the best-tasting, I think.

  6. I say screw the tonic. I’m a fan of Hendrick’s gin with a little bit of club soda and cucumber. It’ll kick your G&T’s ass.

  7. I’m surprised this is a revelation for label readers.

    Just heard about the Jack Rudy tonic syrup (http://www.jackrudycocktailco.com/p/jack-rudy-cocktail-co-artisan-tonic.html). I’m pretty sure it’s loaded with sugar, but it’s a raw quinine tonic and you decided how much to add to gin and soda. Waiting for it to become available online.

    • Well, it never dawned on me to check the label of something labelled as “water”. I’m just a bit surprised it’s even allowed and that it doesn’t say something on the front of the label about the sugar content.

      Thanks for the link! I’m on the hunt for a good tonic water. We had Gin & Sodas recently…just not the same.

  8. Thanks everyone for all the links and suggestions! Perhaps I’ll be able to salvage my G&Ts.

  9. I have always gone to the g+t as my fancy travel drink. It is a splurge, for sure. It truly is the sugar I consume in alcohol that is keeping me from paleo greatness.

  10. Okay, went to the store and came home with the Q-Tonic. Only 24 calories and 7g carbs per serving, sweetened with agave syrup. I don’t use agave in anything around the house, but I’m okay with this compromise because I wasn’t comfortable with either artificial sweeteners or sugar/corn syrup. Plus, have you checked out the ones you make yourself? Sheesh! Labor intensive.

    So the Great Tonic Conundrum of 2011 has been solved. Thanks crew!

  11. Bacardi and Diet Coke has zero carbs and zero calories.

  12. May I suggest something to make it even friendlier? Try half club soda or seltzer, half Q-Tonic. You’ll still get the snap of tonic, but cut even those carbs (and fructose, which is the biggest bully of all) in half.

  13. i hear ‘ya.
    we always use soda water or sparkling mineral water. pellegrino is a great stand-in for the corn syrup filled booze fizzerz. brian and i like the unflavored ones, then throw in some strawberries, basil and lemon, tons of gin, and lots of ice.


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