Paleo Might Be For You If…

By no means is this list exhaustive, but lately, I’ve been aware of a certain sentiment among my friends, family, and acquaintances. I hear it in the way they talk about their weight, their hunger, their exercise (or lack thereof), their energy levels. Rather than approach this as trying to sell someone on a certain dietary dogma or snow them under with research, I thought perhaps if we approached it as a possible solution to their concerns, maybe we could convince some to give it a try. So skip the part about “all that meat” and give them some true benefits to think about. Of course, individual results may vary, but there are many problems for which Paleo has answers.

  1. The Weight Just Won’t Come Off.  This was me. I graduated high school at 125 eating-like-crap-and-not-exercising pounds. I remember when I first hit 130 pounds at 21. That stabilized for a while, but soon it took a lot of exercise to maintain it. Then it crept up to 131. Then 132. Then 133. All this despite 4-5 days a week of intense cardio and lots of other activities. I was hovering around 135 before I got pregnant. Then, more than a year after having my daughter, the scale would not budge from 135. Despite eating “healthier” and running longer and harder than ever before. Does this sound familiar? What if the weight could come off effortlessly? What if there was no suffering or starving involved? What if you could have all that and bacon too? Simply put: it just shouldn’t be so hard. It never was until very recently in human history.
  2. You Feel Like Garbage. There wasn’t a 3pm I met that couldn’t be improved by a nap. I would sometimes get dizzy from how tired I felt. Many turn to caffeine as a crutch (I still do in the mornings. Hey! I have a toddler!). Maybe you’re bloated and gassy, or have other intestinal concerns. Or maybe it’s worse: high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis. Many on Paleo experience better energy, better sleep, better libido, and a renewed zest for life. So while I think it behooves us all to keep our expectations in check, there are amazing stories of serious health concerns being reversed or eased.
  3. You’re Hungry All the Time. Four words for you: Stabilize your blood sugar. Almost everyone in America (and more globally all the time) are riding an insulin roller coaster, until they can’t anymore because their bodies have given out. We have to shift our thinking away from diabetes being a destination and more of a journey. We’re all on the spectrum somewhere. So do you get brain-dead, cranky, shaky, and have persistent food thoughts that can only be cured with a granola bar? You know who else experience those problems? Drug addicts. Cut the cycle. It’s an amazing liberation to go most of a day feeling like you don’t need to eat.
  4. You’re Ready to Eat Healthier. I swear, I’ve never eaten so much cabbage in my entire life. When your plate is half meat and half veggies, you’re offering yourself the best that Nature can offer with none of the filler. There is no nutritional advantage to eating oatmeal, pasta, bread, or rice. You won’t miss it and you don’t need it. What you do need is every available square inch of stomach space to cram in high-quality, nutritionally dense real foods. Your body will thank you.

What do you hear from others that you think Paleo can help with or cure? Do you mention it or stay quiet?


2 Responses to “Paleo Might Be For You If…”

  1. 5. You want to reduce the pain of allergies
    6. You have acne
    7. You have hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or just plain feel tired after eating.


  2. Simply stated – love it!

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