Quick Links: Sardines

The San Francisco Chronicle helps me figure out what to do with those silvery, bug-eyed suckers, here. They’re supposed to be super good for you, what with all their protein, Omega 3s, calcium, iron, and potassium. But…EWWW!

If you’re into sardines, then you already know the drill and you think I’m a ridiculously squeamish twit. But if you’re a newbie, like me, an article like this can help nudge us into including something incredibly healthy and potentially tasty into our diet.

The article gives a few tips for taming the fishy flavor that so many find objectionable: wash them thoroughly, serve them with something acidic or some dairy, and cook them quickly with a hot pan or grill. There’s a recipe for Lemon-Cured Sardines on page 3 which looks great.

Apparently the season is open and will probably only last a few weeks. So go grab some before they’re gone!


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