Review: Vosges Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar

Saw this little gem at the store and knew I had to try it. Confession #1: Pre-Primal, my favorite treats were chocolate-covered pretzels. The sweet, the salt, the crunch…mmm. Confession #2: I wish I’d never seen this ’cause I’m in trouble.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s only 62% cacao, not dark enough for our purposes. But it has BACON ferpetessakes! I’m truly befuddled why more dark chocolate doesn’t include yummy additions. I’m not a purist about my chocolate and I’m actually not a huge fan of super-dark chocolate, even after my tastebuds have adjusted to less sweet things. I also have a couple of Theo bars—Cherry & Almond and Toasted Coconut—that I’ll report on when I break into them. It may take a while because, in all honesty, it takes me a long time to get through chocolate bars.

This bar also has a bit more gobbledy-gook in it than I like in my dark chocolate. It’s not hard to avoid soy lecithin, so I usually steer clear, but as Mark “Primal Blueprint” Sisson elucidated recently (here), it’s not worth our worry. Besides, did I mention it has BACON!!!

If you are a salty + sweet fiend, this will scratch an itch so deep you didn’t know you had it. The bacon bits almost mimic miniature rice crisps. The salt crystals are a lovely surprise, melting on the tongue between waves of smooth chocolate and chewy bacon. There’s a double-hit of smoke here: Applewood-smoked bacon and Alderwood-smoked salt. All in all, a glorious treat worthy of following your grilled grassfed ribeye.

Vosges website here:

I got my bar locally for $5.99 and I see them listed on the website for $7.50. They also have lots of fun gift sets. Check out everything under the “Bacon + Chocolate” tab.


3 Responses to “Review: Vosges Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar”

  1. yeah…I think I’ll be picking some of this up in the near future. I love the sweet + salty combo. And bacon. Mmmmmm, bacon.

  2. I tried the bacon chocolate bar (years ago – before going primal!) and it was good, but I like their chocolate bar with Himalayan salt crystals better. Oh man, that is like crack for the salt and sweet loving crowd :D

  3. I LOVE their bacon bar, too! I had it before I went paleo – I tried one of their mini bars – and it was like heaven in my mouth. Unreal.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – bacon goes with everything.

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