Quick Links: The Gourmet Butcher Trend

The San Francisco Bay Area has another reason why they’re the foodie center of the universe.

Aaron Rocchino (formerly of Chez Panisse) and his wife Monica are opening The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto.

The butcher shop will feature whole animals sourced directly from farms, none of which are further than 150 miles from Berkeley. The emphasis will be on grass-fed, sustainably raised meat, and the butchering and cutting will be to order.

Hey, even Michael Pollan’s already a fan!

The focus for the shop is on nose-to-tail consumption. As Monica Rocchino says:

[T]he intention is to use every last scrap of the beasts. “We’ll be selling stocks and soups, demi-glace, sauces and rendered fat, less common cuts, as well as a meat sandwich of the day,” she said. She adds that they will not sell frozen meat, unlike what is often on offer at farmers’ markets.

So if you’re lucky enough to have resources such as these in your area, go take advantage of them! Your support ensures their survival and every time you buy local, your dollars cast a vote against large, industrialized food systems.

See the full article here.


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