Quick Links: Egyptian Mummy has Atherosclerosis

The NY Times says (here) that a 3,500 mummy belonging to an Egyptian princess presents the oldest example of atherosclerosis. And they seem to think the study dispels “the myth that heart disease is a product of modern society.”

Oh, brother. Really? And then they really lay it on thick:

Experts say that during the princess’ lifetime, beef, pork, mutton, antelope, duck and other meats were readily available in the royal courts. Egyptians didn’t eat much fish but ate many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Salt was also likely used to preserve their food…the heart disease discovered in the mummies was probably due to the rich diet and lack of exercise among the Egyptian elite.

Um…but 3,500 years ago is less than 10,000 years ago, right? The Egyptians ate grains, no? The low-fat bias runs so deep, even (especially?) amongst researchers, that they don’t even bother to consider any other potential sources for the arterial deposits.

I don’t have any trouble being skeptical about our WOE, but when researchers won’t even challenge themselves to think outside their preconceived notions, they make it hard to take them seriously.


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