Quick Links: Fitness for the Ladies

Use it or lose it!

Just came across a fantastic link in MDA’s forum (thanks Primal Fist!) to CrossFit South Bay’s article about women and their bodies on diet and exercise.

It debunks the common concern some women have about “bulking up” via weight lifting. Along with all the bad diet advice out there is a whole lot of bad exercise advice for women too. Just thinking about the rows and rows of diet and exercise magazines full of terrible information for women makes me shake my head in shame.

The mistake many women make is trying to be thin without building muscle. We’ve been told to achieve a leaner look through hours of cardio, but this leads to a wasting of muscle as well, hence, the “skinny fat” look they detail in the piece. The photos are convincing. I’d go for athletic any day over a runway model look.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to weight lifting at the tender age of 12 by my PE teacher, and I’ve never looked back. I was good at it and that capability is addictive. I don’t hit the weight room anymore, but I’m trying to incorporate more bodyweight exercises into my regimen. And someday, I swear, I’ll check out the CrossFit gym!

Click here for some serious inspiration, ladies.


One Response to “Quick Links: Fitness for the Ladies”

  1. We are waiting for you at CrossFit The Den! Come on down any time!!! I read that piece last night…very good indeed.

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