Random Search Term: Italian Sausage is Not Paleo

This one goes out to the poor soul who found The Paleo Periodical by searching “italian sausage is not paleo.”


If you’re a hard-line Paleo Diet adherent, then no, it’s not. They avoid fat in favor of lean meats. But many of us believe that fat is the key to maintaining a leaner physique and better health in general. Cholesterol in particular helps signal our brain that we’re full. You’ll find us under the titles Primal or Archevore, but in my opinion, we all fit under the larger umbrella of Paleo.

In a nutshell: It’s known that hunter-gatherers ate just about every part of the animal, but would often leave the lean meat behind in times of plenty. They especially went after organ meats, which contain loads of nutrients and fat.

Also, sausage is undeniably processed, which is an obvious strike against it. But you can find some minimally processed or you can make your own. I’m able to find some locally made ones at my Farmers Market.

It’s delicious, versatile for recipes, and very satisfying. I say, go for the sausage! Here’s a recipe, and I have another coming next week.


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