Quick Links: KQED Interview with Dr. Robert Lustig

San Francisco Bay Area NPR station KQED had a chat (here) with the reigning king of anti-sugarness, Dr. Robert Lustig. You may know the good doctor from his YouTube hit Sugar: The Bitter Truth, which as of press time, has over a million views since posting in July of 2009. He was also recently featured in Gary Taubes’s new article in the Sunday NYTimes Magazine (here).

I’m so glad to see this message being taken mainstream. It does a Primal heart good. Maybe someday people won’t think I’m depriving my daughter of a proper childhood by limiting her sugar intake.

I also completely agree with Dr. Lustig when he answers a listener’s question about other sweeteners: Rather than seek alternatives, we need to change the palate for sweet in this country. The only reason we want sweet is because we have an expectation of sweetness. It’s a tough addiction to break. Just ask me, eating a piece of coconut flour banana bread with a few too many chocolate chips in it as I type this…


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