Quick Links: Fox News Fails to De-Bunk Grassfed Beef

Oh, John Stossel. I used to appreciate your gadfly reports, but now that Fox News supplies your paycheck, you’ve become just another status quo drone with a bad case of freakish myopia.

See here for Stossel’s recent report trying, and failing miserably, to bring grassfed beef down a notch. I’m not sure my two hands can even count the number of angles he didn’t bother to consider in this piece.

The American Grassfed Association defended themselves (here) by taking down Stossel’s solitary source, Dr. Capper, and reminding everyone that when discussing environmental impacts, we have to consider all factors. Their conclusion is the same as mine: “This lack of rigor academically and journalistically appears to be the only way industrial agriculture can defend itself.”

I have just one more question for Mr. Stossel. What do you eat at home?


3 Responses to “Quick Links: Fox News Fails to De-Bunk Grassfed Beef”

  1. I wrote a debunk of this piece of trash long ago, when it originally came out:


    It’s good to see that Eat Wild finally fired back, too.


  2. Yeah, even Reason Magazine allowed him to publish a few paragraphs on this. Reason Magazine NEVER publishes stories without giving it a full objective coverage… until this exhibition of stupidity. I slammed them on-line and discontinued my subscription to their magazine for allowing such poorly researched dribble to be published in their name. See: http://reason.com/archives/2010/11/18/natural-is-not-always-better#commentcontainer

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