Quick Links: Sunday NYTimes Magazine

It’s the NYTimes’ annual health and wellness issue, and there’s a treasure trove of topics for the Paleo-esque community.

The NYTimes website has recently gone to a subscription basis. Non-subscribers can view up to 20 articles a month for free. So I apologize in advance if you’re over your quota and can’t see them. But I’m guessing if you’re over your quota, you might want to consider a subscription. Think of it as your contribution to helping an old gray lady survive in this tough world.

What's with all the questions as titles?

  • Obviously, the biggie is Gary Taubes’s new article Is Sugar Toxic? I’m sure you’ve already been convinced of sugar’s bad-guy status, but every time I read about it, it renews my commitment to avoid it as much as possible. Especially frightening: Insulin feeds some cancer tumors.
  • How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With? Yup. Gotta get your eight hours.
  • A very important piece, and not just for the question it poses. Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer? explores the difficulty in answering questions like these and is a fantastic reminder of why research is rarely conclusive. If you’ve ever wondered why medicine and research isn’t more straight-forward, consider this an educational primer.
  • Gretchen Reynolds asks What’s the Best Exercise?  So what’s the answer? She talks about the butterfly stroke, walking, squats, burpees. But it looks like research is coming out on the side of interval training, which, if you’re not already doing it, is a wonderful complement to our diet. Minor quibble: Reynolds and others in the article keep talking about exercise like it’s going to help with weight loss. Poor Gary Taubes. Someday people will understand that exercise only makes us hungry.

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