Recipe Shout-Out: Primal Blueprint’s Primal Hot Cereal

Or non-cereal. Cereal-approximation. “Cereal.” Noatmeal? You get the idea.

Mark Sisson’s and Jennifer Meier’s new Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals cookbook is out and I’m loving the creative breakfast offerings. The Primal Hot Cereal is a wonderful morning option when you’re tapped out on eggs. This happens to me often, and usually, I just skip breakfast, but it’s nice to have this in the repertoire. If you miss oatmeal, this is the bowl of warm goodness for you. Because it’s easy to forget this is a lot of nuts, be sure to keep an eye on your nut consumption for the rest of the day.

I’m not someone who thinks that using a food processor is very convenient. I get annoyed at having to drag the damn thing out of its dark, dusty lair, heave it onto the counter (Yay! Heavy lifting for the day!), assemble it, plug it in (Oops! Wrong way, turn the plug around.), and then proceed to grind everything together. I’ll never understand people who use it for food prep. I prefer nothing between me and my food. I don’t even use a garlic press because I actually like going to bed with a hint of garlic still on the tips of my fingers.

But I digress. This is a recipe worth the food processor.

As usual, I can’t leave well enough alone, so I changed this up a bit, but it’s still in line with the original. My version:

1 cup nuts (I do about 1/2 almonds, 1/4 hazelnuts, and 1/4 pecans)

1 banana (original calls for 1/2, I’m too lazy for that)

1/4 cup coconut milk

dash o’ cinnamon

dash o’ ground cardamom

a couple dashes of salt

—Process everything together. Put in 2 bowls. Microwave each for 1 minute. Stir. Eat. Obviously, serves two unless you want to eat both bowls. In which case, why didn’t you just put all of it in one bowl?

You can throw all kinds of things in here or on top. Shredded coconut was good. As pictured, blueberries are quite lovely.

I wonder about the ability to store this stuff. Like, if you made a big batch, would it save in the fridge for a day or two? If you’re a busy 9-5er and could use a quick breakfast, it might be worth a try.

What cracks me up about this recipe is I’ve noticed a few comments on MDA’s forum and Twitter about the fact that the photo in the book shows an egg, and yet, no egg is included in the recipe. There could be a few reasons for this: 1. It was simply left out of the instructions, 2. The egg was deemed unnecessary, but they were stuck with the photo, 3. The egg was never meant to be there but sneaked in anyway. Any other theories? Did anyone find out? I’ve made a custard-y sort of thing before with egg and almond meal, so I’m guessing that would be the result here. But unless you really want the added protein and such, I find no reason to include it. The texture is fine without it.

And. My daughter likes it, so we can share a bowl in the mornings. It’s a keeper. Thanks, Mark and Jennifer!


8 Responses to “Recipe Shout-Out: Primal Blueprint’s Primal Hot Cereal”

  1. This looks like a wonderful recipe, and I have no idea where an egg would fit in. Maybe the Easter bunny left it?

  2. I am going to have to try this. Even though I love eggs sometimes I get tried of them. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. We just got married and while we were both semi interested in eating paleo before, now that my husband and I are living together, we’re making meal plans to make things easier. This made the cut twice a week. It’s so good now that the weather is cooling down!!!

  4. I love this recipe! We have the book though and it does call for an egg but it says that it’s optional :)

    • How funny! I got the earliest edition of the cookbook, and there’s no such mention of the egg, just a photo. Have you tried it with the egg? I haven’t, but might next time I have it.

  5. Don’t use a microwave, how would I cook this without it?

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