Quick Links: Sunday NYTimes Magazine

The NYTimes Magazine is almost always a good bet for some sort of food- and health-related news. This week:

  1. Mark Bittman provides several ways to eat your fish. You’ll have to skip a few (no cornmeal-crisped cod for you!), but you’ll hardly notice with options like Prosciutto-Wrapped Sautéed Fish and Roasted Fish with Leeks and Bacon. Get those Omega-3s the way nature intended!
  2. I LOVE it when someone tears apart commonly held, precious ideas. Annia Ciezadlo challenges our assumptions about the Mediterranean Diet from her perspective in Beirut. This ties in to my piece last week about how traditional diets are going extinct due to the global scourge that is the Western Diet. Obesity is rampant, yes, even in places like Greece and Italy. Our WOE has officially become a global imperative.

2 Responses to “Quick Links: Sunday NYTimes Magazine”

  1. “Prosciutto-Wrapped Sautéed Fish … the way nature intended!” – really?!? :-)

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