Quick Links: Paleo Podcasts

I’ve discovered a couple of Paleo-inspired podcasts, yet another great example of our ancient diet intersecting with modernity for maximum impact.

  1. Latest in Paleo— Shameless plug alert! I discovered this one because they featured the Periodical in their round-up of Paleo blogs. Listen for that here (at about 36:45). Angelo Coppola hosts a snazzy, fun, and informative session every week. Truly honored to be included!
  2. Everyday Paleo— Sarah Fragoso’s been doing a weekly podcast and she covers an array of Paleo lifestyle topics, especially for parenting and food concerns.

Download these onto your iPod for that commute or workout, or play it off the computer while you’re making dinner. It’s a great way to keep up with all things Paleo.

Are there others out there? Which ones do you listen to?


2 Responses to “Quick Links: Paleo Podcasts”

  1. Robb Wolf has a podcast too. His is called The Paleo Solution.

    Chris Kresser just restarted his podcast as well. I think it is called The Healthy Skeptic, but don’t quote me on that. This one comes out every two weeks.

    I listen to all of these podcasts. There is so much information, almost too much.

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