Quick Links: Gary Taubes Weighs in on Childhood Obesity

Here’s another in Slate’s series about childhood obesity. This time they went to Gary Taubes (click here):

So if we’re serious about preventing childhood obesity in this country, we need to pay attention to what actually regulates the accumulation of fat in the human body.

That means we’re going to have to demonize some industries, or at least the products they’re selling. It’s not enough to tell kids to eat healthier foods and make fruits and vegetables available and affordable for all, nice as that may be. We have to tell children (and their parents) that carbohydrate-rich foods—especially sugars and liquid sugars, like fruit juice and soda—are literally fattening. We’re going to have to tell those kids and parents that if they don’t want to be fat, they’re going to have to avoid those foods. It’s not a convenient message, and the food industry may not like it, but it’s a message that might actually work.

I agree. I wonder if it will ever happen. It seems like such a huge hurdle.


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