Quick Links: Eat Bugs?

Have you heard the buzz? Apparently, The Netherlands are having a gourmet revolution by tapping into a plentiful resource: insects. Go here for the NYTimes’s take on it.

Now, this idea isn’t exactly new. It’s been floated for decades, but for understandable reasons, has little traction in many cultures. In researching my piece on rising global food prices (click here for that), I came across some recommendations being floated by the UN to eat more insects in order to ease food shortage concerns (see here). They seemed to point a particularly stern finger at the Western world, knowing we’ll put up the biggest fight: “They can pry my grass-fed steak out of my cold, dead hands.”

Something about this stinks to me though, and it ain’t the dung beetles. This sounds like one of those solutions that’s great as long as OTHER people do it. I want to see these folks at the UN, who are making these suggestions, with a plate piled high with roasted crickets and mealworms. Because if the people making the recommendations aren’t doing it, why should we?

I also wonder if insects and other creepy crawlies (snails, worms, etc.) are vulnerable to the same laws as other animals we eat. Are they better for us if they’re wild versus farmed?

I have no doubt that our cave ancestors were opportunistic eaters and that insects were on the stone-carved menu. But for me? Eh…I dunno. Maybe if they were really well hidden. I heard someone on the radio talking about an ant tapenade on chicken and that sounded doable. But just popping locusts into my mouth? I think I’ll stick with nuts for now, thanks.

What say you, Paleo Nation? Have you partaken of the next food revolution?


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