Paleo on Nightline

In case you missed it, Paleo godfather Art De Vany and The Paleo Solution’s Robb Wolf were featured on ABC’s Nightline last week. I was unable to embed the actual video, so click here if you’d prefer the original.

I found this to be mostly free of editorializing and refreshingly free from the quickly dismissive attitude and clearly uneducated stance of many reports (see a terrible example in Time magazine here, and be sure to read the comments). Although the reporter seemed a bit uncomfortable with all that meat, I think he was playing it up a bit for comedic effect.

I liked that ABC was brave enough to state that nutrition experts “seem to have no major problems with it because it balances meat with a lot of fresh vegetables.”

But isn’t this missing the point? One of their so-called experts, Danielle Omar, said, “I would say that if they’re able to maintain it, and they’re choosing lean meats, and they’re really watching the fat, then … it’s okay for them.”

Thank you for tolerating us, Ms. Omar, but you’re wrong for at least 2 reasons:

  1. It’s been proven that fat doesn’t cause fat. In fact, it keeps you satisfied so you eat less and need less. Your education needs an update.
  2. It’s not just okay for us, it’s the diet chosen by our evolution for just about everybody alive.

But that’s really nit-picking, it was as balanced a piece as we can expect from the national media. What did you think?

P.S.— Megan Fox, really? That was as good as they could do? *sigh*


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