Quick Links: hCG Diet

Lose weight on only 500 calories a day and not feel hungry? What’s the catch? Oh, you just have to inject yourself every morning with the urine of pregnant ladies.

The NYTimes today features a brief article on a Diet involving starving yourself and then injecting the pregnancy hormone hCG to ward off hunger pangs. It’s popular amongst women who believe the Diet will target the areas of fat they most want to lose: belly, thighs, and upper arms.

I’ll apologize now. I realize I’m the blogger and I’m supposed to have all the answers. But this just raises questions for me:

  • Why are women willing to go to these lengths? Why will they stab themselves needlessly everyday instead of making actual positive changes for their health? How is this more attractive to them than other options?
  • On what planet does 500 calories a day sound like a good idea?
  • Who are these irresponsible doctors, one of whom is an orthodontist (!)? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  • What about sustainability? You can’t continue these injections and calorie levels for very long. Do these women not understand that all that weight will just come back, perhaps with a vengeance?
  • Where does health figure in to all of this?

I get that weight loss can seem insurmountable, and that many people out there have struggled their whole lives with it. I imagine at some point you just want an easy fix, no matter the cost.

If any of us have any doubt how damaging the Industrial Food Complex has been, this Diet is the proof.


5 Responses to “Quick Links: hCG Diet”

  1. That diet has been all the rage round these parts for the past year. And not just with women – I know numerous men who have done the diet. They are all pretty much back to their starting weight.

    I don’t get anything that tells me I’m only supposed to consume 500 calories and not exercise at all. Um, no thanks.

  2. And the worst: they are all on track to completely screw up their hormonal system. If you really want to do 500cals (which is a bad idea to start with) then at least tough it out and deal with the hunger. If you can’t there is probably a good reason for that…..

  3. YES! If any of us have any doubt how damaging the Industrial Food Complex has been, this Diet is the proof. HCG is working for ME. Ive lost 104lbs with 3 – 30 day rounds so far. In between Im VERY lacto-paleo….even growing our own meat, milk & eggs. My body chemistry just wasnt working right. This pushed me back upright. With 200lbs to lose,… I admit I felt desperate. But NOW (with only 96lbs to go), I just know it works. MANY only want to lose weight and I watch them post/blog/etc spending all of protocol looking for ways to cheat. I am not one of those people. Im not dieting…Im healing. This MIGHT have worked without the HCG…regardless it HAS worked with it (for me). So dont dis everyone. Im more than half way to goal and have quite successfully broken my addictions to MOST of the standard industrialized food choices so many others have had to battle with ZERO hunger. If anyone wants to talk about it private message me directly :o) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cultured-Kitchens/171974542819361?v=wall#!/photo.php?fbid=1614483701558&set=a.1263056956109.34556.1820297895&type=1&theater

  4. We very much DO have to be careful to follow original protocol and to make sure we get the compound from a reputable source. I use ClinicalHCGDiet.com exclusively ♥ http://www.clinicalhcgdiet.com/hcg/index.php

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