Quick Links: Fat, Glorious Fat


Uh-oh. If this catches on, will there be enough bacon?

Kristin Wartman over at Civil Eats has a great article about how researchers, media influencers, and the medical establishment are beginning to change their tune when it comes to dietary fat.

She acknowledges, as I did in my observations on pop culture’s messages, that this change in policy will be a huge undertaking. Several generations have grown up believing the low-fat dogma. Heck, I recently found myself fighting old repulsions as I was breaking through the inch-thick iceberg of congealed fat on top of my curry leftovers. Clearly, I still have some deprogramming to do.

But what is especially insidious about low-fat’s allure is that it allows people to have sweets and other things that have no nutritional value, like bagels. Even if you’re truly eating low fat, you still get to indulge. You may not lose the weight, but at least you get to keep the pasta.

Extra Credit: Wartman’s other article knocks soy off its shaky pedestal.


5 Responses to “Quick Links: Fat, Glorious Fat”

  1. Yup. Unfortunately, fat has been the #1 root of all health problems for 30 years so it is going to take a long time for people change their tune.

    Enemy #1 should be high fructose corn syrup and other refined sugars.

    Nice blog.

    The Grumpy Man

  2. couldn’t agree more. still often cutting off the fat of the ham just because I am used to it (to be fair: the really fatty part on its own also does not taste that well). try to keep and to cook my eggs now…

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Grumpy Man! I agree, and I bet sugar/HFCS will be one of CW’s starting points.

    Thor, doesn’t it seem so wasteful now to throw out fat? In my pre-Paleo days, I would’ve thrown it out, but now it’s a tasty resource. I’m trying to build up my bacon fat reserves to make Bacon Mayo. :)

  4. Post your Bacon Mayo when you perfect that recipe….please.

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