Recipe: Paleonola

For those mornings you just can’t fathom another egg. Or the fish leftover from last night. Maybe you just have a nostalgic twinge and suddenly miss cereal for a moment. Or maybe it’s snowing too damn hard for you to make it to the store and all you have are a few items in the pantry.

While I provide amounts, feel free to eyeball this until the ratios look right to you. Because this is so dense, unlike cereal puffed up with air, you just won’t need much to be satisfied. And it doesn’t get soggy!



1/4 cup mixed chopped nuts

1/8 cup coconut chips or flakes

2 Tbsp. dried fruit or to taste



1) Combine all ingredients in bowl.

2) Add milk or yogurt of choice.

3) Eat.

Makes one serving.

NOTES: This contains a lot of nuts, so if you’re trying to lose weight, be sure to adjust your nut intake down for the rest of the day. And because dried fruit can cause some insulin spiking, be sure to go easy on that too. This is definitely a sometime treat, not an every morning staple.

I used a mixture of hazelnuts, almonds, and macadamias, but feel free to experiment and include your favorites. Macadamia nuts in particular have lots of good satiating fats, so I try to include them every time I make this. As for the fruit, both raisins and cranberries are in here, but again, use whatever you have on hand or whatever sounds good.

If you don’t have a nut chopper, I highly recommend one. You pop the nuts in the top, turn the handle, and you’re done. Much easier than chasing nuts all over your kitchen with a butcher knife.


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